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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
02/14/2016 Orange tabby Has microchip from RVSPCA and he has been neutered. He has golden eyes. Even though his breed is an orange tabby he is more yellow looking with stripes on him. His name is Ozzie and he is 7 years old. Has a Grade III murmur. Is on medicine for heart condition. Was in house afternoon of 2/14/16 and went outside before snow started. He knows the yard and wanders up street sometimes, but when snow came, should have come back home, but did not come home night of 2/14/16 and is still missing on 2/15/16. We have been out looking for him walking up and down the street. He knows his name and usually comes when you call but did not. Either someone has taken him in or he has gotten under a bush and snow has fallen on him and he cannot get out with the snow falling. He missed his dose of medication on 2/14/16 and if he does not show up today 2/15/16 to get his medicine he will be in grave danger. I am afraid that he has gotten in the snow somewhere and has frozen to death but that is not like him because he usually comes back when it snows or rains and even if you call him. He can miss one day of medication but has never missed more than one dose. We live at 146 Lee Avenue, NE, Roanoke, VA 24012. We have been up and down our street on Lee Avenue but have not been on Ellsworth to check it out or on Huntington which goes off of Ellsworth. Sometimes when I am in the far back yard I will call him and he may come from behind which would be on Huntington Blvd. I hope you can find him. Jennie Robertson Our address is 146 Lee Avenue, NE, Roanoke, VA 24012 so it is on Lee Avenue and surrounding streets like Ellsworth or Huntington Blvd. View Details
02/14/2016 Lab, pit mix dog Very sweet black Labrador, pitbull mix. His name is Rocky, and we just moved here. He loves people and kids. He has a white patch on his chest and stomach, muscular, short Shiney coat. He is unaltered Maiden Lane, Grandin area View Details
02/13/2016 Hound/pit mix Her name is Athena. She is white and black with spots. She is very sweet and shy at times. Loves kids and other animals.She ran out the door saturday and I have not been able to locate her in the neighborhood. she is about 9-10 months old, 20-35lbs. 1410 9th St Southeast Roanoke Va 24013 Yes View Details
02/13/2016 Pomeranian Teacup Pom with tan colored hair. Her name is Kiki and she weighs about 5-6 pounds. Super friendly. Citrus Heights on St Philomena Way. Main cross streets are Oak and Fair Oaks. Yes View Details
02/12/2016 blue tick beagle Name: Z'ba, brown black and white with brown freckles on her legs, approx. 13" (small beagle) very friendly, got out of her harness at approx. 6AM this morning in the Plantation Road area near Food Lion. PLEASE CALL 206-9483 or my Son Cameron @ 494-1589. FAMILY FURBABY... Plantation Road area behind Food Lion View Details
02/11/2016 Dog Tan chihuahua/pug mix, name is Maggie Mae, tall and thin, 12 pounds Vinton Yes View Details
02/10/2016 dog addie is a petite 41 lb. hound mix. Marking like a blue tick hound. Very timid. Microchipped!!!
Tri color face large black spots over white and black to brown specks. Wearing purple collar with our last name Stec 5569660. She got out of the house as the plumber was coming into the house!!!
Rescued from Roanoke Pound one month ago.
Vet; Christine Ferris 375-0350
4735 Cherokee Hills Dr.
Salem Va 24153. Salem address but near Glenvar Schools in Glenvar
View Details
02/10/2016 Cat Black and white cat, fat and fluffy Roanoke city. Off Williamson Rs, behind GoMart Yes View Details
02/09/2016 Dog (Yorkie) LOST DOG ALERT near Old Mountain Rd and Read Mountain Rd (zip 24019) on Tuesday, February 9, 2016 at approximately 8am. "Maverick" is a 2 POUND MALE YORKIE with microchip. His owner slipped and fell this morning which resulted in the dog running away into the woods. Family and friends are frantically searching the area. CALL 540-312-3553 with any information. Stay tuned at https://www.facebook.com/roanoke.oldmountain/. Thank you! Old Mountain Rd / Read Mountain Rd. in Roanoke, VA 24019 View Details
02/09/2016 Domestic Medium Haired Calico She harmony is a 4 year old medium-haired calico with a white tummy and feet. Her bottom rump is a little bare due to a skin allergy she is being treated for. PLEASE help bring her home!! Roanoke City - On Bowman St NW which is off Williamson Rd behind New Yorker Deli and Legends Sports Bar. View Details
02/09/2016 cat While I was out of town for the day/night of 09 February 2016, my cat Moose somehow got out of my apartment, I'm assuming by an exterminator or utilities person who left the door open. He is incredibly timid, however, he loves to have attention and will let you pet him once he is given some time. He typically answers to his name, Moose. 2754 Brandon Ave Sw.Roanoke, Va. 24015. Brandon West Apartments. Yes View Details
02/08/2016 Cat Neutered male about 4 years old. Yellow/ginger with striped markings. Friendly but a slightly timid. Has no tail. Glade Creek Apartments North East Roanoke city Yes View Details
02/07/2016 cat Female cat- grey and white with green eyes Highland Ave Old SW Roanoke VA View Details
02/06/2016 Cat Friendly female Calico "Callie". She loves to go outside. Wood Haven Rd (North County) Yes View Details
02/05/2016 Brindle boxer Hes our baby! Pennsylvania ave ne. He broke out of our gate. View Details
02/05/2016 Cat White short haired female with grey tiger stripes spots on back and a tiger stripe tail with brownish tan spot on butt. Responds to Tata or Ataliyah. Hunt ave nw roanoke View Details
02/04/2016 Cat His name is BayBay. Orange tabby, about two years old, gentle/lazy. Very loving. No collar. Outdoor/indior cat. Unique bump on the bridge of his nose. Medium length fur. Last seen in north west, near Hershberger Rd. and Valley View Mall area. Please, if you have any info call or email me. Northwest roanoke, near hershberger/valley view area View Details
02/02/2016 Shiba Inu dog looks like a fox, light brown color, we just got her so we haven't had a chance to get her tags updated. She answers to the name Chloe and is very friendly. Plantation Road near Fugate Yes View Details
02/01/2016 Brittney Spaniel Our dog's name is Minnie. She is nine years old, weighs about 50 pounds, is light red with darker reddish/brown spots. Her eyes are light brown almost red and one of her eyes has a brown skin tag below it. Minnie loves people and is friendly to everyone including other dogs. She has arthritis
in her back hips, and sometimes struggles walking up and down steps.
1530 West Ruritan Road, Roanoke. View Details
02/01/2016 Chihuahua missing in villa retreat off eaton road around february 1 white chihuahua with with brown spots friendly named peanut View Details

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