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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
11/10/2015 Cat Teddy is a large, neutered male who is approximately 10 years old. He was last seen in my yard on Tuesday 11/10/15 at 1394 Shadow Mountain Ln, Blue Ridge, VA. Teddy is fat and has a very saggy belly and has a small, white spot on his chest. If Teddy has been outside without food, he will not be fat, but his belly will certainly be saggier. Teddy is a very skittish, and shy cat. Food will lure him and make him purr. Teddy is very special to me, and as all pets are to their owners, I want him back. If you have any information on Teddy, whether it be good or bad news, please let me know. I would rather learn that my Teddy died than to live the rest of my life wondering. $500.00 reward 1394 Shadow Mountain Ln. Blue Ridge, Bedford County, VA,
Jordantown Rd. and Shady Grove.
Yes View Details
08/13/2015 Dog ( Labrador Retriever ) He has scars on his nose.
Black Fur
2 years old
St.Rt. 93 / Main Street / Rt. 50
Mcarthur Ohio
Yes View Details
05/30/2014 cat Elderly cat, white fur with many black spots. He weights about 13 pounds. His fur is soft like a rabbits. He has a black nose. His name is Cowboy. He is in good health. Mudlick / Deyerle Road / Roanoke City View Details
09/17/2006 orange tabby 11 year old male orange tabby cat with white chest and white paws. Has a collar with a purple heart ID tag that says OTIS and has my phone on the back, 540 588-7521. We just moved to our new townhouse a few weeks ago, so I am afraid Otis has gotten very lost or hurt and can't make it back home. Otis has a microchip, and will most likely hide when scared. Please let me know if you have seen him. He is missed dearly.Thank you Winterberry Drive, right off of Electric Road, near McVitty and Castle Rock. View Details
03/15/1958 lab/retriever mix has a HOKIE bandana. Everyone knows this dog around Carter where I live. He's sweet.
He ran out the front door when I was getting the mail.
Please call me at 913 568 0459 should you see him. He will come to you if you pet him.
Nancy Trussell
2037 Carter Road SW, Roanoke VA View Details
05/25/1918 Cat Ginger and cream colored cat with white face. Weight is 13 pounds. Fluffy and very sweet. Only 2 years old has mircochip . Roanoke city along pechin ave SE Yes View Details
05/21/1918 Germansheperd with bulldog Tan and brown his name is spike he has a patch of hair missing off his back hes a very friendly dog wouldn't hurt anyone Roanoke Yes View Details
04/26/1918 Tabby Her name is Almond. She has mostly white on her neck and belly, she is a little over 1 yrs old.
She is up to date on her shots.
She is pretty skittish if she doesn't know you.
We adopted her early Feb 2018 from SPCA.
Last saw her yesterday morning before going to work. Not sure if she slipped it of the house when we were putting things in the vehicle.
She is an indoor cat only.
She had
She has a microchip 98102001262354 981 Sterility Exp. 2019-03
My house: 1004 Hill Ave., Vinton, va 24179 View Details
02/21/1918 Yorkie Gabby was lost in the old southwest area. Address of home is 518 Walnut Avenue SW. She ran away on Thursday at 1:30 . She is black and tank with floppy ears and weighs about 7 lbs. She has been spayed. 518 Walnut Avenue SW View Details
01/27/1918 Cat Mixed Long-haired female cat, black but has white mark on face that runs between her eyes, white marks on her paws, more on the right front paw than the left. Has a chip. Moneta, Virginia Yes View Details
01/16/1918 grey tabby cat she is a grey tabby cat, medium sized, she has a neon pink collar and she has dark blsck markings on her body 440 edgemont circle vinton va Yes View Details
01/16/1918 grey tabby cat she is a grey tabby cat, medium sized, she has a neon pink collar and she has dark blsck markings on her body 440 edgemont circle vinton va Yes View Details
01/01/1918 miniature Chihuahua She left my yard in the wee hours of the morning. She has long tan hair 1700 block of Wise ave Roanoke View Details
12/20/1917 Cat Great tabby, neutered, green eyes Vinton View Details
12/03/1917 Min. Schnauzer Small salt and pepper mini schnauzer. Very skiddish. Ranch rd and Cove rd area View Details
11/05/1917 Cat Black cat (little white on chest) with white flea collar; front claws are declawed Buena Vista Blvd, SE Yes View Details
05/30/1917 Cat Dsh, 13 Years old, 13 pounds, neutered male, white with black spots Brymoor Rd Sw Roanoke, VA View Details
04/21/1917 Cat "Gary" is an orange tiger striped neutered male dsh. He is a sweet outdoor cat who has wandered too far from home. He will come when you call his name and he is very seeet and friendly and he loves all kinds of food!! Please help him get home to his family! Daleview Drive, daleville va Yes View Details
01/28/1917 Cat Mostly white with orange tail. Rainbow Forrest View Details
12/29/1916 dog Myles is a very large dog 15 months old, weighs 100 lbs. Myles removed an exhaust fan from a window (ground level) and jumped. We've been told he was hit by a taxi and kept running. He's a very nice/kind dog. He is gray, black & white. He is St. Bernard/ Great Pyreneese. PLEASE HELP RETURN MY SICK CHILD'S BEST FRIEND. Myles is very kind to children, and cats. Not aggressive at all. 30th block of Melrose ave. NW approx 7:45pm View Details

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