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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
06/14/2016 Siberian husky mix Laska is a Siberian Husky mix of around 45lbs and currently has short hair. He is a very sweet dog and disppeared in the Vineyard Park area in Vinton Vineyard Park, Vinton View Details
06/13/2016 Boxer/German Shepard Mix Tejas is a tan Boxer/German Shepard mix with a white chest and white paws. Friendswood, Texas.
Sunset and 2351
Yes View Details
06/13/2016 German wired Hair Pointer Ran away from home (1365 Hidden View Rd SW Roanoke VA) during a thunder storm between 2:00 and 3:00 today while no one was home. His name is Dash and he's terrified of thunder. He's 12 years old and very thin with hip dysplasia. I'm. It sure if his tags are on his collar. 1365 Hidden View Rd SW Roanoke VA. 24015 View Details
06/12/2016 cat just moved here and she is missing. She is very social. Never wanders far from us. Hollins area View Details
06/12/2016 Dog (Great Dane) Black with white and gray areas. He's been spotted multiple times but keeps running away. He thinks it's a game that people are trying to catch him. Sweet and loves kids and other dogs. His name is Norman. Brookfield lane in the bonsack area. Yes View Details
06/11/2016 Shiba Inu If you happen to get a purebred red Shiba Inu with no collar about a year old, please contact me. He should respond to "Kenji". He knows how to shake, just offer your hand to him. He doesn't take kindly to strangers but eventually warms up to you. Went missing around 1 PM today (Saturday 6/11) near Hidden Valley High School. Has microchip. Has scratches on his stomach from our cat.

Thank you,

Travis Taylor
4426 Brentwood Court, Roanoke, VA 24018

Mom's number:

Dad's number:
4426 Brentwood Court
Roanoke, VA 24018

Last seen at Hidden Valley High School
Yes View Details
06/10/2016 Jack Russell Terrier He has long wired hair , sweet and kind dog. He's a friendly dog loves people! He got out Friday June 10th with I was at work. He has a micro chip in him. I've had him for 5 years. We have gone around the whole neighborhood searching for him. We are devastated and heart broken about him being gone. Please if anyone finds him please return him I will deeply appreciate it! Thank you so much !! Thrasher Park on Gus Nicks BLVD NE off of 460 Roanoke Va Yes View Details
06/10/2016 Havanese Poodle mix Outside with the dog washing the car Thought he went with neighbor because he plays with the kids A few minutes go by and I am searching ...I live Off Liberty Road .. We miss him already ...please help !!!! Off liberty road near lincoln terrace elementary school View Details
06/10/2016 Siberian Husky Mostly black husky w/ white markings. Bi-eyed (One blue, one brown). His name is Ruger. Very friendly. He is chipped Took off late last night from my house, which is directly beside Northside High School's football field and tennis courts. View Details
06/08/2016 Feline Crow is a Male Black DSH, Neutered, and is about 1 1/2 Years Old
He has no food allergies or serious health issues, and is up to date on his vaccinations. He has been an indoor/outdoor cat his whole life, though he's never wandered very far from our home previously
3027 McVitty Rd, 24018 Roanoke County, VA (Near the intersection of McVitty and Electric Rd, and the intersection of Brambleton Ave and Electric Rd Yes View Details
06/07/2016 Jack Russell Terrier My son is visiting from OK with his dog. The pup got loose yesterday in our neighborhood. We have flyers up and people are reporting having seeing him. Oakland Blvd, Roanoke, VA 24019 Yes View Details
06/07/2016 Cat White with grey black tiger stripe. Skiddish. Has been upset since my daddy died and his best friend Miss Kitty passed away. He weighs about 18lbs maybe more. Loves to be loved once he warms up. 494 4th St Buchanan VA Yes View Details
06/07/2016 Shiba Inu This is my baby girl Chloe. She was outside at my mom's house and somehow got loose. I have driven through the whole neighborhood over and over until it got dark. I'm heartbroken as well as my kids. She went missing from the Plantation/Liberty Road area this evening. She did this once before right when I adopted her and I was able to get her home with the help of Facebook. If you see her please call me 540-529-5682. Plantation/Liberty Road Yes View Details
06/06/2016 White German Shepherd My uncle was taking Altaira out for a walk when she heard a loud noise and managed to run away. She hasn't come back since morning and we don't have her microchipped. Please help D:

She's a one year old White German Shepherd and has two amber necklaces on her. I'm willing to pay as much as needed for her safe, healthy return! She's really skittish of people and dislikes dogs due to a lack of socialization. She warms up to people really easily with a treat. Please Q.Q
3626 Williamson Rd, Roanoke, VA 24012 Yes View Details
06/05/2016 Chihuahua He went missing out of the car on Sunday June 5th. Was unable to find him since he hopped out in a Salem neighborhood we were unfamiliar with. I have had him since he was 9 wks old and he was will be 7 in August. I was unable to look for him right after this happened due to some personal issues however everything has been worked out. I am beside myself about this and will do anything to get him back. He is more than my dog. He has been there with me though a lot and since i have no kids or a lot of family he means the world to me. I was told that he was staying with a woman and her daughter in the same area of Salem he was lost in. He is white with black spots, has dark grey fur over one eye and both ears. He has a black spot in between his ears. He is not fixed. I could go in more detail about him but I would just like to try and locate him before I get in depth. This is extremely emotional for me. He has been there with me through everything and he is treated very well. Please if you have any information, call or text both numbers and feel free to leave a message. I don't have a lot for a reward but if its necessary I will come up with one. His name is Doodle and comes to Doo. Please help me find my baby. He is missed very badly. You would be doing more than just finding a pet you would be doing something for someone that is priceless and unforgettable. Salem, neighborhood behind the right side of 4th street. Behind the gas station that faces the train tracks and Little Ceasars. Yes View Details
06/02/2016 Wire Hair Rat Terrier Black with white on toes and chest. White around eyes and muzzle. Around 15 pounds. Answers to "Kiki". Loves balls. Canine teeth and front teeth wore. Glenvar area of Roanoke Co. Daughtry Rd, Westward Lake Dr, Ingle Blvd. View Details
06/01/2016 Dog Nala is her name. She is about 20-25 pounds. 5 months old. Doberman/Pit mix went missing around 8:30PM Wednesday night. She is brown in color with Doberman looking paws and has a red nose. Catawba Road/Haymaker road area in Botetourt County Yes View Details
05/31/2016 Chihuahua Minpin mix No tag on his collar. His name is Harvey. Brown and old. Real skinny. 24th street Ne Roanoke View Details
05/31/2016 cat Elderly white cat with large black spots. He weights about 13 pounds. His name is Cowboy. He had breakfast on the morning of May 31 and shortly after that we did not see him again. He is friendly and loving. He is 15 years old. Mudlick and Deyerle area. We live on Brymoor Road, SW, Roanoke City View Details
05/30/2016 Lab 13 year old sweet lab - was scared away by some fireworks being launched by a neighbor. He is shedding his winter coat, so he has splotches of lighter brown throughout. Probably limping due to his age and hips. He has anxiety pretty bad also. Starkey/Buck Mountain Road / Woods Crossing area Roanoke County. View Details

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