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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
10/07/2016 Feline-Tabby Her name is Tara. Grey tabby with black markings and white neck, white belly, white paw tips. Her left ear is cropped to show she has been spayed as a prior rescue. She has a very loud meow, very quiet purr. She requires medication twice a day for a heart condition, so if found please call, otherwise will go into congestive heart failure. She appears very small, although she has a belly on her. Roanoke City on Hershberger Road NW beside BB&T across from Krisp Kreme. Near the intersections of Hershberger Road NW and Rutgers Road NW. Grandview and Park Towne Apartments area included. Yes View Details
10/06/2016 Black cat and a orange cat solid black male cat with cliped ear and a mostly orange with spots of white male cat names are blacky and spider man View Details
10/05/2016 Pitbull She is VERY VERY FRIENDLY! My daughter's dog. Kentucky ave nw Roanoke VA 24017 View Details
10/05/2016 pyrenees Large white female pyrenees- year old Roanoke County off Harborwood View Details
10/04/2016 Chihuahua Fenny is a tan chihuahua mix (looks like a chihuahua with long legs). He has a little white on him. He is very friendly and hyper. He ran off on the night of July 3rd and hasn't been seen since. I have faith that he is still out there or someone knows where he's at. We all miss him like crazy. He is not microchipped or neutered. Please help us find him. Roanoke County- neighborhood behind the Pines apartments. Grandin Road area. View Details
10/04/2016 Boxer All white with brown right eye patch. Tail is full length. He is around 70lbs. And 10 months old. Garst Mill area, Cresthill Dr. Roanoke, VA 24018 View Details
10/03/2016 domistic shorthair BLACK Odin is 1 year old Male cat. Black long and lean. Scared outside Child's pet. Odin had been neutered and Microchip. 4th and Day in old southwest close to downtown. View Details
10/02/2016 Cat Fluffy big white calico cat. Name is Calea and is 16 years old Mountain Brook Estates off of Belle St View Details
10/02/2016 Walker Hound Mix Black and white Walker hound with white color all around neck. Troutville/Daleville Yes View Details
10/02/2016 Cat Black and white cat. A year old. Her name is India. We live in hardy off of cooper's cove. View Details
10/02/2016 Cockatiel bird Flew out of open French doors about 3:45 pm on Sunday after his cage was accidentally knocked over. His name is Max and he is 19 years old. He is yellow and grey. He will respond to "pretty bird" or "Maxie bird." Please let us know if you see him. We are heartbroken. Vinton, VA - Chestnut Mountain Subdivision- Chestnut Mountain Drive View Details
10/02/2016 Pit/Boxer/Lab mix Buttercup is a medium sized dog, maybe 35 pounds, and comes up approximately to your knees. She is predominately a light, caramel-colored brown with a white strip on her face, a big white patch on her chest/stomach, as well as white paws. She has floppy ears. She is very friendly and will jump on you when excited. She broke off her leash in my backyard in Southeast Roanoke near Jackson Park. Yes View Details
10/01/2016 Cat Black and white cat lost from home memorial/ Brunswick on the Virginia Heights side. Has a shaved spot on his hip and is 4 paw declawed. Will answer to Aries. View Details
10/01/2016 Yorkshire Terrier 10 lb yorkie, lost on 10/1/2016 orchard lake dr and Glebe road in Botetourt county. Clayton is his name 7 year neutered male. Very friendly dog. Botetourt, orchard lake and Glebe road. View Details
10/01/2016 dog His name is Nilo (Knee Low). He is a chiweenie that ways about 15 pounds. He has brown/black fur. Has a yellow collar with no tag. Usually has one ear up and another down. Elden Ave. or Mayfield Ave, Roanoke, VA View Details
10/01/2016 Dog Black and white. 55lbs. Has one blue eye and one brown North lakes area in Roanoke va View Details
09/28/2016 American Bully Dogs owner privileges has been revoked since he blatantly told me that he was not finishing payments for the puppy, she is an American Bully she is primarily white with blue markings on one her right side of her face and the suspect will be prosecuted. I do have her mom and her dad can be on site for DNA TESTING.. I also do have her legit paper work she was last seen on SUNSET AVE SALEM VA Roanoke VA Yes View Details
09/27/2016 Bullmastiff Red Fawn Female Bullmastiff NW area 19th St. + 20th St
Loudon Avenue Moorman Rd area
View Details
09/27/2016 Cat I have lost my male cat who is about 5 years of age he is brown and black, and very vocal. Likes being pet and would probably go up to strangers. He was last seen off of the Williamson road area in the forest hill neighborhood View Details
09/27/2016 Dog His name is Cooper but he doesn't respond very well to it yet he was just named 6 hours prior to his running away. His former name was Buddy but he responded to it even less so. He is a tri color Beagle approximately 25 lbs. and two years old. He is very friendly but yet independent. 8220 Webster Dr. Roanoke VA
He ran out of the house and into the dark headed east.
View Details

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