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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
12/03/2016 German shepherd Sable colored black and brown short haired shepherd. Named Karma, back claw on front paw just growing back. She is fixed. Wearing red collar Eden avenue, Roanoke county View Details
12/02/2016 Dog , Shih Tzu Tiny , red Shih Tzu male , escaped from fenced back yard on 12/2/2016 . He is very friendly , he answered to Griffin he is intact ( not nuetered) . 2 years old . Please contact us immediately reward for his safe return!! Cave Springs , Roanoke , County Sunnycrest road , bridkewiid area Yes View Details
12/02/2016 cat cat looks maybe 2yrs old tuxedo color black & white has claws and green eyes Brandon ave. ridge apts View Details
12/01/2016 Dog Blacksburg, Near Fox Ridge Apartments, Hunters Mill Road Yes View Details
11/30/2016 Cat Black short hair female cat. A few white hairs on the side. Very affectionate but will be scared. 216 Missimer Lane Vinton Va View Details
11/28/2016 Dog A black lab/ pit mix 67lbs white on chest. Answers to jock. Vinton,Va View Details
11/28/2016 Dog Brown fluffy female chihuahua, wearing pink collar, and answers to daisy. Vinton, Va View Details
11/28/2016 Cat Spayed, gray and tan multicolored.. name is Gracie. Nic name is grace grace Vinton View Details
11/26/2016 chihuahua had on a purple dress. brandon ave. sw . stratford park . View Details
11/26/2016 cat Yellow tabby, neutered Stewartsville area View Details
11/25/2016 CAT Cole Went out Thursday night and never returned. Christopher Drive, Roanoke County off Cotton Hill Road Yes View Details
11/24/2016 Cat White male cat named HUNTER chipped as Charlie Cats ears have been removed due to skin cancer. Last seen in Sugarloaf Hills neighborhood. Lives on sugarloaf mountain toad. He is an outdoo cat that is 12 years old he wanders and if you feed him he will take up residency. Very sweet cat. Please call we will come pick up Sugarloaf mountain road Yes View Details
11/23/2016 Dog Elderly (16years) JRT long legs , white with brown ear, 15 pounds wearing red quilted cover, may be deaf and blind. Wandered out of fence last night around dusk, arthritic back legs, sweet pet but most likely traumatized and disoriented. New to Area, Windsor hills area, vicinity of south lake drive and Westchester . Yes View Details
11/22/2016 Cat 5 years old, neutered, short haired, brown tabby, wearing orange collar, very sweet but usually scared of people he doesn't know. He may run if you try to approach him, if he is seen, please contact me and I'll come get him. Cove Rd in Roanoke City View Details
11/22/2016 Shih Tzu Black fur with small bit of gray on face -- her name is Lucy From 3528 Garden City Boulevard, Roanoke, Va 24014. Brick home next to Garden City Baptist Church View Details
11/22/2016 Dog 10lb black and white lots of hair. Name is King ROANOKE va se. View Details
11/20/2016 Lab mix Fawn (tan and white) colored lab mix roughly 90lbs very friendly. Answers to Samedi (prononce sam-d) straight dark colored tail.

Went missing last night after midnight.
Up to date with shots/vaccines

Has metal chain collar with pink heart tag
1903 Purcell Ave NE Roanoke VA 24012 Yes View Details
11/20/2016 Lab mix Black and dark brown with curled tail. Has old scar on one of her back legs. Answers to Luna or Lunabear. Very friendly!
Got out between midnight and this morning.
Up to date on shots and vaccines
Has microchip
Yes View Details
11/20/2016 Savannah Please help me find Anna, the Savannah cat. She was lost 11/13 from Deerpath Drive on the lake in Hardy. She is easily recognized by her shiny and spotted coat. I am brokenhearted to have lost my best friend. Please call Scott, at 301-325-9497 with any news or information leading to her safe return. $1000 reward for information leading to finding her alive. Deerpath Drive, Hardy, VA on the lake in Franklin County. Yes View Details
11/19/2016 Dog 4 year old neutered male, 9 lb part Pekingese, part long-haired Chihuahua. Golden brown with white paws and white chest, green mark on his belly. Sweet and loving, answers to Otey. He has had brain seizures and needs to be watched. If he continues to have these, the vet said he would need to be put on medication for rest of his life. He loves to be warm and to eat. He eats Pedigree chopped chicken and Rachel Ray dry turkey and potatoes dog food. He is a sweet loving boy and we miss him so much. 2246 Navigation Point, Goodview, VA. View Details

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