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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
06/30/2016 cat dilute tortoiseshell Glenmont Drive, just off Penn Forest Boulevard View Details
06/30/2016 cat She has a whit belly and is kinda stripes like a lepord Salem va Yes View Details
06/30/2016 Tortoiseshell Cat Her name is Sophie she is 3 years old, and weight 8-10lbs.She Is a long hair cat with green eyes. She has a two-tone nose tan and black,and a gray face with a tan patch.She can be feisty, and shy away from new people. She does answer to her name and is Mirco- chipped. She could be injured. 2319 York Rd SW Roanoke Yes View Details
06/29/2016 Jack Russell Terrier 12 pound, white jack Russell terrier. Recently had her hair clipped short, so I don't know if her collar was put back on. Answers to Darby. She has black and brown around her nose. Almost 10 years old, is probably terrified wherever she is. Ashley Plantation View Details
06/28/2016 Kitty Grey body w black head tail and legs w white paws w greyish belly w white as well and nipples are white he also has a white spot on his nose by nostril and one white whisker by his eye his name is Jasper At the Walmart on challenger road right up from troutville Coverdale exit has a lowes beside it Yes View Details
06/28/2016 Cat "Little Girl" White, Domestic Short Hair Cat, 1 blue eye, 1 green eye, last seen Tues. 6-28 in the Deyerle neighborhood behind Lewis Gale Hospital. Indoor/outdoor kitty, very sweet, 9lb. Usually stays close to home. Has microchip, no collar.
Very loved, desperately seeking information. She is curious & may have gone in garage or shed, please check your property. Please call if you have seen her, Thank You.
Belle Aire Ln. off Belle Aire Cir. off Crestmoor behind Lewis Gale Hospital, closest roads, Rt. 419, Apperson/Brandon/Cravens Creek,Deyerle Rd. Yes View Details
06/27/2016 Calico cat Petite female calico (orange, grey/black and white) I bottle raised her from 2 weeks old. She's 1 1/2 years old now and is a very tiny cat. She could be mistaken for a kitten. Her name is Noel. She is skittish outside and scared of strangers outside. She's a sweet gentle cat. She's fixed.

The photo attached is a few months old but you can see her colors well. If you have seen her please contact me!! She's my baby!!
Wasena area (Winona Ave) View Details
06/27/2016 Shihtzu Black and white markings around face Allendale street Roanoke city Yes View Details
06/27/2016 cat Lilo is a small black cat with a patch of white on her chest and white on one front and one back paw. She has a notched ear from being a barn kitty before we adopted her. 321 Dale Road Troutville VA Yes View Details
06/27/2016 Chocolate Lab 2 yr old chocolate lab very friendly.. Will obey simple commands.. His eyes are hazel to green 287 Red Horse Lane Buchanan, Va. 24066 Yes View Details
06/26/2016 Dog She's a very old but is a mix breed that we've never been sure of . She's black with white paws and white on her face . She's weighs around 40lbs also has trouble walking . She answers to Lilly . Bradshaw road View Details
06/26/2016 cat orange long haired cat 9th st se roanoke va 24013 View Details
06/26/2016 Cat Long hair brown, black gray female spayed 17 yes old Eastland Rd, riverdale area roanoke county. . Yes View Details
06/25/2016 Dog- Cocker spaniel Max is golden in color, but may be covered in mud. He disappeared Saturday afternoon and a neighbor saw him rolling in mud. He then ran up into the woods. He does answer to his name. I am unsure if he has his tags on the collar. Off of 220 near roanoke and franklin county line. View Details
06/25/2016 Dog mixed breed Very sweet. Her name is kiera. She's a brindle color. We just moved and she bolted in a new area. She may be scared and hiding. Please let us know of anything please. Vinton area near southern states. 9th Street vinton Yes View Details
06/24/2016 Cat Please help Grey Cat with white on belly and feet, his name is boots, has small shaved area on both hips due to injury! Please help us find him his name is Boots very friendly and has all shots! Please help 704-712-4221 White Oak , South Roanoke area off Avenham View Details
06/23/2016 pitbull black and white, name is diesel and he had a red harness on him north west off of Melrose and Lafayette. View Details
06/23/2016 Pit Bull Mix Her name is Rene. She is brown with a white face, about 40 pounds and very sweet. She grunts when she is happy. She got out sometime this morning after we left when someone broke into our back gate trying to steal a scooter. 679 Murray Ave SE Roanoke, VA Yes View Details
06/23/2016 Dog Her name is Pinny Layne and she's 6 yrs old. She's silver with black spots, she has a heart-shaped spot on her left side. She weighs around 30-40 pounds. She's an Australian Shepard/Weimaraner mix. She's got very expressive, big, brown eyes. She's very friendly and loves to lick. She's wearing a pink collar, she has been vaccinated and registered, but her tags are at home. Please help me find my babygirl! Hollins, off of Plantation Rd. In the brookside neighborhood, Capito St. View Details
06/23/2016 Cat She is about 4 months old she is still a baby ! She has 6 toes on all feet but one of her front paws . Her ears are a little curled . She is my sons cat and desperately need to find her ! Oak grove area on MCVITTY rd View Details

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