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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
11/19/2018 Maltese Our baby has been missing since last Monday. We have been so heartbroken without her. Her face has been recently trimmed but we were waiting for her appt to get groomed so her body was a bit tangled. She had a bath the night before and my daughter took her collar off so I could wash it but she went missing before I got to. Her name is Lema and shes female and very sweet. Please help us find her Hardy, VA Yes View Details
11/18/2018 Long Haired Cat He is a long haired gray cat. His name is Chuck. Forest Lawn Drive in Salem Virginia View Details
11/18/2018 Long haired cat My roommate left the door open. This was at Bent Tree apts on Colonial rd. His name is Caleb and he is 16 years old. I am legally blind and partially deaf so its hard for me to see/hear him. Roanoke,va Yes View Details
11/16/2018 cat he is a male cat roughly 18 months old. he is all gray with just a small patch of white hair right under his neck. he is a completely indoor cat. 7120 williamson rd
hollins, va 24019
View Details
11/14/2018 Orange Tabby Kitty I live over in the south Salem area, by south Salem elementary school, she snuck out this morning (11/14/18) in that area. Yes View Details
11/14/2018 Dog 5456 indiangrave rd Roanoke va Yes View Details
11/14/2018 Hound / mix young dog 2 yrs. friendly but shy. Full of energy and loves to run. May or may not come to you. If found please call. ROANOKE View Details
11/12/2018 Tabby Scuttle is known for being loud! He will be vocal but is very friendly. If you say his name, he will almost immediately talk to you. He's super sweet and loves to be around people. He's around 3 years old a fairly big cat. Kildeer Circle - Hunting Hills Yes View Details
11/11/2018 Cat Sweet grey calico/tabby cat. Friendly with dogs and humans. Hates other cats.
Wearing two collars, one pink and one purple.
Last seen in Fort Mason off of Cotton Hill Road in SW Roanoke County.
Responds to name, Betty.
Yes View Details
11/09/2018 Cocker Spaniel 12 Year old Cocker Spaniel. Outdoor Dog. Reddish Blonde longer hair / Grey in the face, His name is Sam. His tail has been clipped. He's nearing being deaf so he may not answer when called.
He's wearing a black shock collar that is used with his "Guardian" underground fence. He started running through the fence over the last week. This last time, he didn't return.
Wipledale Ave in NW Roanoke. North Lakes Subdivision. Near Northside High School. View Details
11/07/2018 Mix His name is Troy and he is around 14 years old. Black and brown mut. Cave Spring- Canter Dr. View Details
11/06/2018 Yorkie poo Grey seresto collar, red collar with red Montgomery County tags plus a tag with his name and wrong address and phone number. Botetourt View Details
11/06/2018 chihuahua terrier mix Cocoa is a 13 lb. mix and she is black with brown. Last seen at the corner of Fairway & Carlton, SW. She has heart trouble and needs her medication. Fairway Drive, SW and Carlton Ave., SW - Roanoke 24015 Yes View Details
11/06/2018 Dog Buddy is about 50 lb, black and white short hair dog. Friendly. Miller Cove Road, Catawba View Details
11/06/2018 cat grey and black stripes 2 year old grey shy cat. he usually comes home every night through his cat flap but he hasn't been back for 4 days now roanoke laburnum langdon brandon View Details
11/06/2018 Cat DSH Lost outdoor-access cat. Brown Tabby DSH. Spayed female. Has all claws. Cautious, talkative, and can be skittish. 10 years old. 1285 Walnut Shell Drive, Vinton, VA. May have been transported to Roanoke, VA. Yes View Details
11/05/2018 Cat Siamese mix, 13 pounds, microchipped. Lost near Williamson Rd and 10th St. 2713 Cumberland St NW Yes View Details
11/05/2018 Hound/rodegian ridgeback weight approx 80 pounds, color brown - ran threw invisible fence chasing a cat or rabbit from 2478 Highland road in rounke county this morning ROANOKE View Details
11/03/2018 Cat My cat Valentine (Valley) is a tortoiseshell cat and is nearly three years old. She will normally come to her names being called ot a bag of dry food being shaken. We live on Day Avenue SW near downtown Roanoke. She likes to hang out in the garden park across the street in the boxes. She sometimes likes to walk around the naughbor hood and may have gone into a surrounding neighborhood. Day Avenue SW Roanoke, Virginia 24016 View Details
11/02/2018 Bug (pug and BostonTerrier mix Weighs approx 18 lbs. Brindle in color with a big white patch on his chest. Blue collar with tag. Roanoke SE near Stewart and 11St View Details

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