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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
05/01/2017 Great Pyrenees 100lb male white great pyrenees, responds to Maverick; orange collar that is engraved with name, home address and phone number 727-643-0433; should be with his mom, responds to Ava (80lb great pyrenees with pink collar with name, home address, and phone number 727-600-3396; Maverick is on the left and Ava is on the right in the picture Mount Pleasant area of SE Roanoke Yes View Details
05/01/2017 Great Pyrenees 80lb great pyrenees with pink collar with name, home address, and phone number 727-600-3396, Responds to Ava; should be with her puppy, responds to Maverick (100lb male white great pyrenees, orange collar that is engraved with name, home address and phone number 727-643-0433) Maverick is on the left and Ava is on the right in the picture Mount Pleasant area of SE Roanoke Yes View Details
05/01/2017 Dog Max is a chocolate brown and white, husky/cocker spaniel mix. He is a medium sized dog about 45 lbs. He is not aggressive but is shy and may or may not come when called by name by a stranger. SE ROANOKE ARBY'S area Greenbrier/Kenwood neighborhood. Yes View Details
05/01/2017 Cat She responds to the name Friday. She is a black cat with green eyes and her claws have not been removed. She is an outdoor cat and has been known to explore for a few days but always returns to our home. She comes whenever she is called but for the past few weeks she has not been responding to our calls. She has a chip implant underneath her skin. She is really attached to my sister who has recently relocated out of the state, which is why we think she has run away. She normally has a purple collar on with her name; however, she does tend to wriggle her way out of the collar, so we are unsure if it she is wearing it. Botetourt county (Ashley Plantation, off of U.S Route 220) Yes View Details
04/30/2017 Cat Very timid. Black. Long hair. Green eyes. Breckinridge Mill Rd, Fincastle View Details
04/29/2017 Feline Scarlett got out of the house and is missing, no collar because she is an indoor cat but she has a microchip. She is about 4 years old, spayed, weighs about 7 pounds. Yes View Details
04/27/2017 rotty/mix off leash in yard very friendly Dillon woods in Vinton va View Details
04/26/2017 Black Cat 9 month old black cat with gold eyes named Bynx. He got put of a 2nd story window between 11:30am April 25, 2017 and 6:30am April 26, 2017 so he might be injured from the jump. He is skiddish so may not approach you easily. He is very sweet though.He loves to eat so food might help lure him in. We live in NE between 13th and 20th St. Behind Dollar General and Dairy Queen off Orange Ave. Yes View Details
04/26/2017 Airedale Terrier Tan and Black&Gray Had a blue scarf around her neck lost around Cove Road ,Lafayette Blvd and Orange ave area View Details
04/26/2017 Cat She's a calico cat named pandora. She responds to "cat". Probably won't come to you. She's scared of new people. She ran out the door while we were moving. She was lost in the Salem view apartments on panorama ave Yes View Details
04/25/2017 Yorkie poo Medium dog with medium long hair, his name is Messi and he's very nice and doesn't bite 4704 Pawling St NW, Roanoke VA 24012 View Details
04/25/2017 German shepard (all black) Thor is his name. 7 months old about 70 pounds. Thor also has little bit of white hair behind his front 2 legs also a scar on his right front leg. He is a very loving dog and doesnt meet a stranger. Last seen on Waugh switch road in Big Island VA if seen please call 434-665-9279 or 434-665-9287 Big island VA 24526. (Waugh Switch rd) View Details
04/25/2017 Great Danes I have 2 Great Danes missing . My male is dark grey with black spots . Yellow brownish eyes. He is not fixed. My female is white with patches of grey with black spots . She has blue eyes and is not fixed. 1975 den hill rd christiansburg va View Details
04/25/2017 great dane great dane- grey with black spots. approximately 130 lbs last seen near den hill rd Christiansburg va. View Details
04/24/2017 Dog husky her name is zoey she's black white and gray Siberian Husky she's a-year-old . sourwood st roanoke va 24012 roanoke co Yes View Details
04/24/2017 Dog Our whippet, "Buster", ran away around 3pm on 4/24/17. He's 3.5 years of age, weighs 40 lbs., has a white coat with brindle markings, microchipped, up-to-date on all vaccinations, and friendly but a little timid around strangers. Plattsburg, MO; West Broadway/North Redbird View Details
04/22/2017 Dog Senior blue tick. Franklin County, VA. Off of Truman Hill Road. Yes View Details
04/21/2017 Dog Dexter is a large (75lb) German Shepherd/Border Collie Mix. Missing the tip of one ear. He is very sweet and gentle, but he is extremely scared and skittish. He will most likely run if approached. Please contact with any information, even if only a sighting. Cloverdale, VA near Greenway Market View Details
04/20/2017 dog brown chihuawa answers to tucker peters creek area View Details
04/15/2017 dog Her name is Lailynn. She responds to both her name, "babygirl" and the word "dog". She is an outside dog so being indoors is not suitable due to her not being house trained. Lailynn has short brown fur, is knee-high, if she tries jumpinh on you, she is able to touch your stomach, she sheds excessively, and responds to certain commands. Saying "Up!Up!" while patting your thighs during each "up" will cause her to want to be carried. She is mostly 'hershey kiss' brown, but has significant features; she has a white patch of fur with the shape of a downward-facing, triangle, white paws with a lightish brown cheetah print, her eyes may either look hazel (lightish brown) or green, she also has a terribly manly bark and a very whiny cry when left in the dark. She scoffs up food as if she has not eaten in a while even when full. 305 West Hite St. Gallatin, TN 37066 Yes View Details

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