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Please check our Found Pet List to see if your pet matches any of the pets reported there. If the pet has not been reported on our Found Pet List please add the pet to our Lost Pet List.

Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
06/10/2018 Cat Small grey tabby with white paws and a short tail. Her name is Chop and she is friendly but super scaredy cat, so she spooks easily. Roanoke Grandin/Garst Mill Area View Details
06/10/2018 Cat Brown/red small tabby with one ear spay docked and green eyes. Name is Josephine and would be highly motivated to be pet if you give her wet food Roanoke city, Off plantation road near Monterey elementary school and neighborhood Walmart View Details
06/09/2018 brussells griffon small scruffy brown dog, skinny legs. 10 lbs. skittish. will be difficult to catch. Name is Bert. Collar has tag from Animal Care Center in Salem, VA Salem View Details
06/09/2018 Cat Solid black cat, weighs about 12 pounds, claws intact 4349 Cordell Drive, Roanoke, VA 24018 (Cave Spring area) View Details
06/08/2018 Cat Very small grey tabby with white paws. Garden city View Details
06/06/2018 American short hair Solid black cat, green eyes, 15-18 lbs, his name is VICTOR and there is a reward for his return, he is micro chipped. Call his Mom if found, 865-340-8368 Rest Area, I 81 south bound in Fincastle, Va. View Details
06/04/2018 Mixed breed She jumped on a gate and knocked it open and got loose. She ran down PLantation Rd towards Hardees. She is brindled color (brown and black) and medium sized. She is timid and skittish. PLantation Rd, Roanoke Va. Near Foodlion and Walmart Grocery View Details
06/04/2018 Tortoiseshell cat Mocha: No front claws, does have back claws. Small frame, 6-8 pounds. 11 years old, but acts and looks younger. She is primarily an indoor cat. Salem McClelland Street Yes View Details
06/03/2018 My friends dog got away this morning from my home near the orchards/botetourt area. Responds to the name Luna. May or may not have her collar on with her name on it and an old phone number. Please call me or my friend alondra 540.519.8484. Roanke county/Botetourt line Yes View Details
06/02/2018 Siberian Husky 1202 Stewart ave Roanoke va View Details
06/01/2018 Mixed cat Our cat got lost about three weeks ago. We have had him for nine years. Their is no site of him. We live in the Hidden Valley,Fairway Forest area. His front paws are declawed. Hidden Valley and Fairway Forest areas. Yes View Details
05/30/2018 rabbit/bunny Around Dorchester dr NW Yes View Details
05/30/2018 Cat Tabby/white cat. 13 yrs. old. Got out of carrier in parking lot
of vet clinic.
Between Oak Grove and Cave Spring Corners on 419, behind Vets to Cats. View Details
05/30/2018 Cat Grey tabby with black and pink toe pads. Front paws with white mitts and back paws white boots. White nose bridge and nose itself pink. Very friendly. Neutered 3 year old male. Yes View Details
05/30/2018 Cat Short hair tabby with white on face, paws, and belly Vets to Cats, 419, Roanoke County View Details
05/29/2018 Border Collie 16 year old Border Collie with significant limp. She was lost today during some storms in the Fincastle area. Black and white fur, salt and pepper face, she is overweight and limps. She has a very sweet demeanor and answers to the name Lou or Lou Lou Blacksburg Road in Fincastle VA Yes View Details
05/29/2018 Border Collie 16 year old Border Collie. Black body with white stomach, and white around her neck and chest and white paws. She has a white snout with gray around her face. She answers to Lou or Lu Lu. She is super sweet. She has arthritis in her knee so she walks with a limp. Blacksburg Road area of Fincastle View Details
05/29/2018 Orange striped Tabby Cat Oz is a 18 mos. male cat ~ Very affectionate & playful ~ Never has left my home until recently ~
Adopted at Angels of Assissi in Dec 2017 ~ Neutered & has microchip with my name Diana Altice ~ Owner
Please contact me if you have seen my baby boy ~ His sister & myself are worried sick about Him !
3443 Overhill Trail RKE COUNTY ~Old Penn Forrest Area near Cave Spring Schools View Details
05/29/2018 Beagle Black and white beagle he's name is Bolt . Staunton ave ,Roanoke va View Details
05/28/2018 cat She is a Black and Gray stripped Tabby cat- female, very friendly. She is microchipped but I am not sure if records have my new phone # Off Hollins Rd on Georgia Ave NE View Details

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