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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
04/04/2018 lab/golden mix dog ran out the front door about 7 pm tonight. Wind was scaring him. We cannot find him and are very upset.
I did see him about 20 minutes after he ran out the door on Laburnum in Raleigh Court but he ran behind a house before I could catch him.
2037 Carter Road SW, Roanoke VA 24015 View Details
04/04/2018 Cat Missing female cat named Sawyer. She is about 6 years old. She was last seen near Mill Creek Baptist on 4/4/18. She is a friendly cat and comes to the name of Sawyer. Mill Creek Baptist Church Route 11 Yes View Details
04/04/2018 White small maltese shih tzu
She is 11 years old
Wollert Yes View Details
04/03/2018 Orange Tabby Shorthair Orange tabby/striped shorthair, about 10lbs. 1 year old, neutered, clipped ear and green tattoo on groin area from humane society. He has a little bit of white on his face and is a very sweet, friendly cat. Missing his collar. Please let us know if you have seen him, dead or alive. Kids are heartbroken. View Avenue/Manasses Street, Cave Spring Yes View Details
04/03/2018 Feline Brown tabby with white on her nose. Botetourt County - Buchanan/Troutville Area Yes View Details
04/03/2018 Beagle 13 Year old tri-color beagle lost on 4/3/18. Bent Mountain, Va. View Details
04/02/2018 cat Chi Chi ia a medium length furred black & white cat with part of nose colored black. spayed. old mountain road vicinity 300-400-500 block View Details
04/02/2018 Cat Very friendly male cat mainly white with black/gray markings, green eyes. Please see picture for details. Thank you. Haymakertown Road, Troutville Yes View Details
04/02/2018 Cat Archie is a mostly white male cat with black and grey markings. He has green eyes and is very friendly. Please help bring Archie home, we miss him dearly. He was last seen near 1502 Haymakertown Road in Troutville. Yes View Details
04/01/2018 Chihuahua Missing from Franklin St. in Salem. Not far from 12 oclock knob so could have been picked up in county. Missed very much by his family. Salem Yes View Details
03/29/2018 Feline Leo is white with black patches. He is neutered and chipped. Yes View Details
03/28/2018 dog My little Chihuahua escaped our fenced in yard yesterday on 2530 Edwardsville Rd. Hardy, Va. He is only 4 lbs. brown and white and very skittish. Please help me bring my baby home. His name is Oliver. 2530 Edwardsville Rd., Hardy, VA Yes View Details
03/25/2018 hound mix Black med hound mix with white paws and white nose. Name "Loki"
1819 Cambridge Ave. Sw Roanoke, va 24015 View Details
03/25/2018 Tabby Black and brown stripes with 4 white feet and big white spot on front of chest. Half of her face is tan colored. She has green eyes and is very sweet. Williamson Road area View Details
03/24/2018 Cat Grey and white long haired cat darted out the door while we were moving stuff into our new home Memorial ave Yes View Details
03/20/2018 Husky (dog) His name is Grimm. He is a 6 year old (estimate) red and white husky, He has a long tail with one blue eye and one brown eye. He has a scar on the top of his right eye. He is very timid but very sweet. He was lost at our home in Roanoke City. View Details
03/20/2018 Peacock Disappeared from my home sometime between the morning of Tuesday 3/20 and Wednesday morning 3/21. Fincastle Yes View Details
03/19/2018 Tabby Cat Grey and tan long haired tabby about 1 year old. Wearing a pink collar and has a changed stomach/incision on stomach from recently being spayed. Cave spring, The Pines apartments off of Electric Rd, by Cave Spring Corners Yes View Details
03/19/2018 Walker Hound Mix Walker Hound mix named Sadie approximately 55 lb female white with black markings and a brown head lost in the Bonsack area of Roanoke County near Country Corner Store please contact Rob mann View Details
03/19/2018 Cat White Cat with some tan on tail and face blue eyes, goes by Snowball. Jefferson Street near the Children's Hospital, large black building on the corner. View Details

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