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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
04/01/2016 Tortis Cat Penolpe was staying in the Newport area when she was let out. The people that were caring for her at the time did not look for her however I did find her sister inside without food and water Newport Yes View Details
03/31/2016 Cat Toby is a 7 month old kitten/cat, he weighs around 7-8 lbs. he is grey and white tiger striped and very shy. He runs from everything. Roanoke County, Dexter Road View Details
03/30/2016 Beagle Red and Brown Male Beagle with ticking on feet and belly. Was wearing a blue collar with his name "Ford" on it and 2 phone numbers. The cable he was tied on broke and he may have that attached to him as well. He was last seen on Goose Creek Valley Road, Montvale Va. 4316 Goose creek Valley Road
Montvale VA 24122
View Details
03/28/2016 Cat A black and white cat with a black mustache under his nose. He is very sweet and friendly and runs up to strangers Downtown Roanoke/Old Southwest Area Yes View Details
03/28/2016 Brown Red nose pitbull She is still a puppy, her paws are red. Her name is Cinnamon so she should respond to that name. She should be around the gainboro area. If she is at a animal shelter please contact me immediately. 119Harrisonave.NW View Details
03/28/2016 Dog 4 year old male yorkie named Gizmo. Missing since Monday March 28, 2016 around 7:30 pm. He had on a blue harness but no tag or collar with name or address. He would have been found near route 615 in New Castle, VA. He is well groomed, and very friendly. He has a small scar on back leg. We miss him very much. Route 615, New Castle, VA Yes View Details
03/26/2016 German Shephard mix breed He is a 7 or 8 month old German Shephard mix breed. He is dominately black with a blonde/rust colored tent. His chest is white but looks like he has mud splashed on his chest. His paws are also this muddy white color. He does have blonde wings like a German Shepard. Rusty is wearing a solid blue collar. He is microchipped. He was last seen at 11am on Saturday March 26,2016 when he was let out to play and potty. His dog sitter said he seemed to be headed west. But you never know if he turned around. He is a recently rescued puppy from a hoarding case by Angels of Assisis. We adopted him February 1st. Rusty is very loyal to us and our two year old son and I suspect that he is looking for us. He has not been fed since 9am Saturday morning, unless someone was able to feed him. He is not an aggressive dog at all. I am nervous he won't come up to anyone. He may be curious about other dogs, but scared of them if anything. WE ARE OFFERING A $75 REWARD ON FACEBOOK FOR ANYONE WHO FINDS HIM AND TURNS HIM IN. Off Quarterwood road in Montvale. He was seen running west when he took off. Yes View Details
03/26/2016 Boston Terrier Her name is Maggie and she is basically blind. She also has problems in her back legs so be careful if lifting her. She is friendly with people but not social with other dogs. She is 10 yrs old. Her vet is Harris Animal Hospital on Peters Creek Rd, Roanoke. Riverdale S.E. Roanoke, VA Yes View Details
03/25/2016 labish red missing since 3 am not home when owner awoke..not able to find at usual places..was barking and chasing something in the woods at 3am hemlock ave off starlight lane in sw roanoke co Yes View Details
03/25/2016 Pug Dog is a black pug around 25 lbs battery low on collar allowed dog to stray Cherokee Hills sub division in the Glenver Area around 3 pm View Details
03/20/2016 Dog I lost my male chihuahua he is brown and white. He got out on 3/20/16 please call if found Vinton,va View Details
03/17/2016 Dog Schnauzer miniature.. Parti colored.. Dark around eyes and white with greyish spots...Daisy is about 10 pounds. She is about 4 years old. View Details
03/16/2016 Dog Katie is a 4 year old Black and tan hound. She has been spay. She went missing from my home in botetourt county. She is very shy and is a little better with women. 1959 old hollow rd. Buchanan,Vs.24066 View Details
03/16/2016 Feral cat She is a fairly small cat, she is gray and has a M on her forehead , her name is Luna. She has faint grey stripes around her body. Next to Penn forest elementary, in the area of cave spring. I between the cave spring library and elementary Yes View Details
03/16/2016 cat Missing Savannah Male Cat (two years old); neutered; micro-chipped; missing upper left canine; distinct markings of gold/rust, brown, and black rosettes and stripes.
I am missing my boy so much, PLEASE help me. I love him. If you notice someone who suddenly has what appears to be a full-grown cat or you see an ad to sell a cat, meeting these descriptions, please, please report.
Route 221 and Route 460 Yes View Details
03/13/2016 Italian Greyhound Small Italian Greyhound weighing only about 12 pounds. He is grey with a white belly, and white paws. He answers to Luca, and is hesitant to strangers,but very friendly. Roanoke County, Cotton Hill Yes View Details
03/12/2016 Cat Orange tabby cat got out of apartment and has not returned home. Very sweet. Roanoke by Tanglewood Mall (Honeywood apartments) Yes View Details
03/12/2016 Cat Black and white tuxedo. Beautiful white markings on the paws and the chest up through his face. Eastgate Avenue NE Roanoke, VA 24012 Yes View Details
03/10/2016 Feline Spayed Female Domestic Shorthair (Tortoiseshell/Totie - a mix of browns, reds, oranges, and black). She does have an Avid microchip. Almost 6 years old but may look younger. About 7-8 pounds. No collar, no tags. Indoor only cat - has never been outside before. Very sweet, but may be frightened or scared if outdoors. Yellow eyes. REWARD OFFERED. Call anytime, day or night - it's never too late to call. Would like any pertinent information relating to her, such as sightings. She is EVERYTHING to us and even though she's only been gone for a few hours, we miss her so much! Castle Rock/Oak Grove/Grandin Court/Raleigh Court Yes View Details
03/10/2016 Dog Miniature schnauzer... Parti color..black around eyes and grey and white..about 4years old..just recently shaved but hair will get long and curly. Her name is Daisy and weighs about 10 lbs..short tail... Bedford View Details

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