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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
12/17/2018 Cat Lynx point siamese, cream with gray tabby tail, legs, and ears. Blue eyes. 9 months old, 11 lbs. Lost on Debra Ln in Salem. Salem View Details
12/17/2018 domestic cat Angus is a male domestic short hair (white orange markings, around 12 to 14 lbs and reserved, but friendly personality) who was adopted from Pet Helpers in Charleston, SC. He was chipped (they called him Marvin) and neutered by Pet Helpers I moved with Angus to Roanoke Va in 2012. Angus went missing last Monday 12/17/18

My ph is 843 860 8971 and address is

1601 Ivy St SE, Roanoke, VA, 24014.

Roanoke Yes View Details
12/16/2018 Dog Color: BROWN
Collar: YES
Weight: 25-30 lbs

3 patches of missing fur on her back and neck
Skiddish to strangers
Salem View Details
12/16/2018 Dog NAME: DIXIE



She has 3 patches of fur missing. One on the back of her neck. The other between her shoulder blades and the 3rd on her rear near her tail.

Small scar on her muzzle

***May be shy/skiddish towards strangers but is really sweet. ***
Salem View Details
12/15/2018 Mastiff mix Approximately 90lbs. Black and Tan brindle dog named Steeler. Is not able to open jaw. Is shy. Ashley dr. Salem VA 24153 Yes View Details
12/14/2018 Calico cat 3 month old kitten, ran out when opening the door. Light gray with a peach color, gray eyes.
Very friendly.
Off of Williamson Road Yes View Details
12/14/2018 Calico Cat 3 month old kitten-gray and peach colored,
Gray eyes. Very sweet, named Peach.
Ran out the door at night when I was taking out
The trash! She is very missed! Please call if found!
Off of Williamson Road Yes View Details
12/13/2018 Blood hounds Two bloodhounds lost. One has a petsafe collar (blk and tan 4 years old George) the other does not (blk and brown 8 years old Sam). Camp Jaycee/Paradise Haven Trail (Blue Ridge/Montvale area) Yes View Details
12/11/2018 Portuguese water dog All black with black eyes and nose, wearing Christmas scarf. Looks like a labradoodle. Troutville, stoney battery rd across from vdot station. View Details
12/11/2018 Dog My dog is a German shepherd, black and brown coloring with a bit of gray down her back and sides. She is 8 years old and her name is Daisy. I really hope to get her back soon! Thank you so much. Bedford County View Details
12/10/2018 Husky mix 32lb, cream colored, name: Bailey Piper Glenn, Blue Ridge, near blue ridge parkway Yes View Details
12/08/2018 Cat Male black cat, he's muscular but has lost weight recently. He's picky with who he'll let pet him, but if he likes you he'll let you rub his belly. His name is Hades. Old southwest, around mountain and 4th. View Details
12/07/2018 Cat Neutered brown and black cat. Very friendly responds to Loki. Green Ridge rd / north lakes Yes View Details
12/07/2018 cat long hair orange tabby..very sweet...name is Justice 3382 Rasmont Rd apt K Cave Spring VA View Details
12/07/2018 Orange Tabby Katie is a large,very fluffy, orange tabby. She is shy. She is wearing a tattered pink collar with a flower on it. Grandview Yes View Details
12/06/2018 Cairn terrier Very sweet & friendly little dog. She answers to Pepper and she is mostly black with white hair.
Escaped from home on Dawnridge Drive in Vinton View Details
12/06/2018 Dog Taz is a friendly Senior dog who acts much more like a puppy than an older dog. He responds to Taz or Tazzy. He has no teeth due to his advanced age. He is primarily White/Cream in color with Darker tan / blonde coloring on his back and forehead, the fur at the forehead makes a heart shape. He got out of the yard Thursday 12.06.18 when going out to potty and hasn't been seen since. Please contact us if you find him as he is very missed at home, especially by his doggie companion Cody. We miss him very much and hope he is well and safe. Lynch Station, VA Yes View Details
12/05/2018 Dog 4333 Electric Rd apt 7B Yes View Details
12/04/2018 Cat Her Name is Rose and she is light brown color. She is about 1 1/2 years old Walked out of home on Westvale Ave NE 24019 View Details
12/03/2018 Mastiff/Retriever "Hera" - Friendly, very sweet, 2 year old mastiff/retriever mix - roughly 90 lbs. 416 Arbor Ave SE, Roanoke VA Yes View Details

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