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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
06/24/2018 Small mixed breed Small white mixed breed with a few light tan spots. Long hair. Answers to MIKO he is microchipped. We have been looking all morning. Lost near grandview and cornell dr nw roanoke ROANOKE Yes View Details
06/24/2018 Cat grey long-hair newborn. blue eyes. Hofheim (Kronthaler Weg) Yes View Details
06/24/2018 cat Male domestic short hair, age 4 years. Mostly white with black spots. Adopted with his brother a year ago. Very skittish around people with habit of scavenging for food. We have kept him indoors but he has definitely lived as an outdoor cat in the past. Reacts to cords and sticks (even umbrellas) as if he has been struck by humans in the past. His name at adoption was "Charles" but he does not answer to his name. South Roanoke 26th, and Richelieu Yes View Details
06/23/2018 min pin Duke is a 13 year old MinPin about 15 pounds and does have a collar on. - He was last seen at 3222 Pineland Road about 8:30 PM and was out in the front yard. He seemed to have walked off around that time. He is a sweet little dog and is probably very scared. He answers to Duke or Dukie. 3222 Pineland Road, Roanoke 24018 - this is the city part of this zip code in the Greater Deyerle neighborhood. View Details
06/22/2018 Pit Bull Mix Jumped the fence at the end the yard at 745 Townside Rd SW 745 Townside Rd SW View Details
06/19/2018 Cat DSH cat mostly white with red/orange tabby spots. Indoor cat escaped on Howbert Ave. in the Wasena area. He is not familiar with this area. If found please call or text 540-655-2139. Thank you. Roanoke Yes View Details
06/19/2018 Cat DSH cat escaped from his new home in the Wasena area. Mostly white with red/orange tabby spots. Lost on Howbert Avenue. Might be skittish. He is 4 years old and a little chubby. Roanoke, Wasena area Yes View Details
06/18/2018 Lab mix Black- pretty shiny coat- about 1 year old. Reddish eyes and white on chest and claws of feet. 1219 pleasant view ave
Near Round Hill Elementary
View Details
06/18/2018 Dog- Pit/Lab mix Small pit/lab mix, dark brown/black with white on her chest and feet. Approximately 45lbs. She got out of our fenced business property at Bills Auto Sales 801 Tazewell Ave SE Roanoke VA 24013 last night and was seen walking down the alley with a man. She is very timid of anyone she doesn't know well. Yes View Details
06/18/2018 Cat Peters Creek/ Hollins Library area Yes View Details
06/17/2018 Long coated husky Black and white long coated husky. One brown and one blue and brown eye. Buchanan View Details
06/13/2018 mixed collie last seen in 2600 block of Avenham, near carilion Hospital last seen in 2600 block of Avenham, near carilion Hospital View Details
06/13/2018 Dog hound mix No tags 4334 Kirkwood Drive View Details
06/13/2018 Dog German Short Hair Pointer Mix. Brown,white and spots. Roanoke. Indian Grave Road. Clearbrook Area Yes View Details
06/13/2018 Cat 2813 Edgewood st sw Roanoke Va 24015 Yes View Details
06/13/2018 Cat Edgewood st sw Roanoke Va 24015 Yes View Details
06/12/2018 cat Black cat with white star on throat. Very shy and has never been outside of house before. Has been micro-chipped. near intersection of Terrace Road and Mount Vernon Road, SW Roanoke City Yes View Details
06/11/2018 Orange Tabby Cat He is fixed and microchipped Southeast Roanoke, VA Yes View Details
06/10/2018 Orange and White Long-haired Long haired orange and white cat
About one year old
Very very friendly with humans, and most other animals
Responds to Tuck or Tucker
LOVES treats and will come to the sound of a treat bag
Yes View Details
06/10/2018 Cat- orange/white long hair Orange/white long haired cat
Responds to Tuck/Tucker
Loves treats/the sound of a treat bag
About one year old
About 15 pounds
Bent Tree Apartments on Colonial Ave
Tanglewood area
Yes View Details

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