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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
08/21/2017 German wire hair pointer Brown and gray 12 year old German wire hair. Neutered male. Very thin. Hip dysphasia. Probably freaked about the eclipse. Has on an ID collar with his name, Dash, and my husband's cell number: (540)354-8488. Also has an electric fence collar on. He has an ID chip. 1365 Hidden View Rd SW, Roanoke, Va. 24015 View Details
08/21/2017 Cat Solid black cat with green eyes, neutered, shots, microchipped...indoor kitty...answers to Max. 11032 Rocky Road Bent Mountain, VA 24059 Yes View Details
08/21/2017 cat Black cat Elm Ave and fifth St in OSW View Details
08/21/2017 cat Cat is black with green eyes. Very loving. She went out during the night on the 21st and we haven't seen her since. OSW at Elm Ave and Fifth Street View Details
08/20/2017 Black Labrador Retriever Name is Zephyr. Small scar on muzzle a few inches behind his nose; chipped left front tooth; bump on tail about 2/3 way towards end; may have a slight limp (left leg) from pulled muscle; few fatty lumps under armpit Roanoke County...near Penn Forest Elementary School and Starkey Park area Yes View Details
08/20/2017 cat Her name is Salem aka sa sa (say say). She has implant. She is black....no other markings....loves cheese and milk....I am worried for her....wonder if anyone turned her in....she stays indoors all the time until now. She ran out another time and was shot with BB's.c. Below Mill Creek area....home is 11876 Lee highway north....fincastle, VA View Details
08/20/2017 Cat Black and white with white on her neck, and paws. Very long white whiskers. Yellow eyes. King Street Roanoke Yes View Details
08/20/2017 Pitt mix Brown and white mix 8 years old
Old mountain road Trevino circle View Details
08/19/2017 Jack Russell mix Jack Russell mix, white with black and brown markings, about 18 lbs Wandered from 8045 Hardy Road, Hardy, VA Yes View Details
08/19/2017 Black & Tan Coon Hound 7 year-old Neutered black & tan coon hound discovered missing early 8/20/17. Collar found in yard. Very friendly dog, 80 lb. Answers to name Rebel. Missing from Old SW Roanoke area. Rebel is microchipped. Old SW Roanoke. Photo of Rebel at 6 months old. Yes View Details
08/19/2017 Cat White and black cat. The black on his head looks kind of like a toupee. His name is mute he is chipped and he was at a family members house until I got settled into my new home. A road off of 9th st. SE View Details
08/18/2017 Lab mix Mid size black lab mix mutt with one white front paw. Very friendly 3734 Meadowlark Rd. Roanoke 24018 View Details
08/18/2017 Lab mix Mid size black lab mix mutt with one white front paw. Very friendly. Black leather collar with a few metal studs. Long wire cable may be attached to collar. Cable broke and dog got loose 3734 Meadowlark Rd. Roanoke 24018 View Details
08/18/2017 Cat He got outside that morning and we figured he would return that evening but haven't seen him sence. We live in boxly hills nabierhood. Darby Rd area. He is a black cat with a short club tail because part of it had to be removed he is microchiped so if anyone sees oden please give me a call worried sick about him View Details
08/15/2017 Pug Beagle mix Mason(Dog) was tied up at the back entrance gate of the school. He acknowledge his name and miss him greatly. 433 E 100th St, New York, NY 10029 Yes View Details
08/14/2017 German Shorthaired Pointer He is a very friendly almost three year old dog. I let gim our yhis morning and as soon as I did my potty training son told me he needed to use the bathroom, when I went to let Hoyt back in and he had jumped the fence anf wouldn't respond to our call. 709 Fenwick Drive Roanoke VA 24012 Yes View Details
08/14/2017 Dog He is a small miniature daushand , brown with a white neck. His name is Stuart usually doesn't like strangers, but I don't know where he has run off to. Windy gap mountain, coopers cove road area Yes View Details
08/13/2017 Dog All white American bulldog with a brown spot on his easr Forest Ridge Condominiums Yes View Details
08/12/2017 Mixed,austalian Shepard Lost from east vinton area. Old, black and tan with cataracts
And very hats off hearing. Name is millhouse.
View Details
08/11/2017 Calico Her name is Willow. She is one year old. She has been outside very little and is very skittish. Garden City area View Details

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