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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
04/09/2017 Cat Big grey,brown, and black stripe tabby. Tiggy is her name. SE Roanoke on bennington ave. View Details
04/09/2017 Cat Big brown, black and grey striped tabby. She was lost in transport to new home. Yes View Details
04/07/2017 cat Small black cat, with small patch of white fur on its chest, one clipped ear, presumably clipped by a catch & release program. This is a stray a which has gradually adopted us over the past months. It is quite vocal--one of the loudest cats I've known. He was evidently frightened by the high winds yesterday and ran off. 321 W Cleveland Yes View Details
04/07/2017 Cat Our black and white cat, less than a year old, escaped friday night from our home on sugar loaf mountain. He's very friendly & fluffy. Smokey ridge rd. Near roselawn, sugar ridge, castle rock Yes View Details
04/06/2017 terrier Small black shaggy terrier. About 20 lbs. 10 yrs old. Wearing green sweater. I-81N mile marker 165. Fled after we were involved in car crash View Details
04/06/2017 Cat "Socks" neutered male kitty, approx 5 yrs old, ear tipped, long hair tabby with white on chin chest and belly and four white paws. Missing since 4/6/17 from Bedford County. Could have accidentally ended up on work truck and carried to Lynchburg or other area. Or taken from our home. We miss him so much and just want him home! Please notify us of any possible sightings. Bedford county Yes View Details
04/05/2017 French bulldog She's 4 months old tiny and brindle in color. Back creek/cave spring View Details
04/05/2017 Weinie dog Scrappy is an inside dog. We had a new washer and dryer delivered yesterday and we had to take the door off of the hinges. Him and his buddy, Starr, decided to run outside. The gate on the fence was also opened. We haven't seen them since. Scrappy is young and very energetic and loves for you too Chase him....He runs even faster away! Starr is very old and can't move very fast. I hope they are sticking together!! Starr looks like an overgrown Chihuahua lol. We live on wood haven, choose to greenridge trev center View Details
04/03/2017 Beagle Friendly beagle, his name is Bruiser. He took off chasing a deer Monday evening at 8pm along with our other dog Karma. They will more than likely be together. Carson Rd behind Bonsack Kroger Yes View Details
04/03/2017 Catahoula Leopard Friendly Catahoula Leopard, often confused for an australian Shepherd, her name is Karma. She took off chasing a deer at 8pm Monday evening along with our other dog, a beagle named Bruiser. They will more than likely be together. Carson Rd, behind Bonsack Kroger Yes View Details
04/02/2017 French bulldog 3 years old has small bald spot on the back of his neck Vinton Yes View Details
03/31/2017 Dog Cowboy is a Boxer/Chow mix. He's 12yrs old and really friendly. Someone left our gate open and he got out. We think he ran behind our house into the woods. A few roads go through back there including red hill road. Boones Mill - 220s past clearbrook Walmart. Right before 220 turns to 55mph in the area of red hill rd and red hill church Yes View Details
03/31/2017 Puppy He is a black lab 11-12 weeks old my mom let him out and he is no where to be frond he is solid black Fleming ave Yes View Details
03/31/2017 Dog- hound/corgi mix Scout was hit by a car on Friday 3/31/17 on Ross Ln. in SW and took off. She was last seen on Saturday morning, 4/1/17, around Virginia western, in Jefferson hills, and along the railroad tracks behind western. Very timid and scared. Could be injured. Ross Ln.- last seen behind Virginia western along railroad tracks in the woods. Yes View Details
03/30/2017 Feline Little kitty went out last night and has not returned home. She is spayed and very friendly. Downtown Vinton Yes View Details
03/28/2017 St. Bernard Two st.Benards both pink collars. One Roxy is larger and Harley is a smaller St. Bernard. Missing in Garden City area Garden City. View Details
03/27/2017 pitbull Black and grey pitbull about 17 months old. His name is Boss and he is very friendly. He is a runner so it may be hard to catch him. Gilmer Ave , Northwest Yes View Details
03/26/2017 Boxer This is my brothers dog! The dogs name is Oaklee. My brother is Travis Slusser. He is an un-neutered, brindle color, pure bred Boxer. He was lost on Wood Haven Road...near Green Ridge Recreation Center. View Details
03/26/2017 Chihuahua White Chihuahua, male, between 10-15 pounds. Skittish around new people. Keller area. 2901 Softwood Circle- Fort Worth, TX 76244 Yes View Details

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