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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
12/26/2017 Dog Yellow lab mix, ran from car at Valley View, collar and microchip has outdated info, 540-655-0983 Valley View Yes View Details
12/26/2017 Cat Solid black male one year old, neutered. He has a noticeable bump on his right side hip from a pin, he had a broken hip. Very friendly 1013 Tipton Ave, SE Roanoke ,VA 24014 View Details
12/25/2017 golden retriever cross "polar Bear" escaped from our yard this morning. He is very light in color with medium long fur. He is very thin as he has cancer of the spleen and is on a special diet. He is 13 years old. It looks like I was not able to upload a photo. 120 South Church Street, Fincastle, VA Yes View Details
12/22/2017 Cat Brown tabby cat missing since Dec 22, likes to be outside and always comes home but has been gone too long this time. His name is Lemmiwinks and he is very friendly. I live off Mountain Ave and Franklin Road SW and he always hangs out around there. Yes View Details
12/22/2017 Cat Our 1.5 year old, male, neutered, microchipped, black cat has been missing since 12/22/17. His name is Marshall, and he is a very sweet cat. His family misses him very much. He is missing from the Vinton/Roanoke Co./Falling Creek area. He has a very faint white speck on his mane. He has a medium length coat. Vinton/Roanoke Co./Falling Creek/Horsepen Mtn. View Details
12/21/2017 Cat Grey tabby, neutered, very shy and timid Vinton/Roanoke County
McGeorge/Crofton neighborhood
View Details
12/19/2017 Cat Calico. Tan, White, and Black. 1200 block Campbell Ave. Yes View Details
12/19/2017 Cat Long hair orange and cream car. May have lost his collar. Neutered. Very friendly Blue Ridge Turnpike Fincastle View Details
12/16/2017 Shipoo Vivian Ave Yes View Details
12/16/2017 Husky Akita mix He is an all white husky akita. He is not wearing a collar. His name is ghost. He is a little over a year old. Goodyear Arizona Yes View Details
12/16/2017 Dog, beagle Beagle with blue collar that says 'Jerry'. Also electric fence collar and blue bandana. Near Crystal Springs Elementary School View Details
12/15/2017 Dog Spayed female, 6 yrs, name is Nicky, tan face and black with tan legs and feet adopted from Angels of Assisi a two years ago. Roanoke City Yes View Details
12/15/2017 Dog She's 1 1/2 old
Mostly black with gray and white spots
She's a beagle/bassiet/blue tick hellar
She's really sweet!!
She got out last night around 6ish.
She's chipped
Off 13th street in SE Roanoke. She lives on Morton AVE. View Details
12/14/2017 2 Rhodesian ridgeback mixed Large solid black dogs; Phineas has the ridge down his back and weighs about 115 lbs. The smaller one has no ridge and weighs about 85. His name is Gene. Friendly. Little Catawba Creek Rd area of Botetourt Co. May have crossed ridge to Catawba Rd. Very close to Roanoke Co. line Yes View Details
12/14/2017 2 Rhodesian ridgeback mix Large, solid black dogs with faces like a lab. Phineas, the larger of the two, has the ridge down his back and weighs about 115. Gene is smaller, no ridge, weighs about 85. Both have collars and tags. They are brothers and are friendly. Little Catawba Creek Rd area of Botetourt Co near Gravelly Ridge and about a mile from the Roanoke Co. line. They may have crossed the ridge to Catawba Rd. Yes View Details
12/14/2017 Cat black & White cat... His name is Mr. Kitty we just got him havent had a chance to get the collar. He has long wiskers and like a salt & pepper beard he looks like an "old Cat" lol... We miss him Vinton, Va 3rd St/ Virginia Ave. View Details
12/13/2017 Cat Long haired, black cat. Large green eyes. High pitched meow. Salem turnpike area Yes View Details
12/13/2017 brussells griffon brown 10 lbs looks like werewolf 170 bogey lane salem va 765-7094 Yes View Details
12/13/2017 dog small 10 lb brown dog, Brussels Griffon with flat nose, big round brown eyes. Skittish is approached but will come to you if you don't reach for him. Has skin allergies so scratches, we have to give him medication. Skinny little legs very sweet disposition. Rabies tag says Anaimal Care Center in Salem. Reward offered West Club/Hidden Valley Forest in Salem, off Apperson Drive and behind Ridgewood Farms Kroger. Yes View Details
12/13/2017 Dog Small reddish brown 10 lb Brussels Griffon, skinny legs, big brown round eyes, bobbed tail with flat nose. Looks like a wookie. Skittish if approached but will come to you if you don't reach for him. Bert is a sweet little dog with skin allergies so he scratches a lot. Belongs to my daughter, reward offered West Club and Hidden Valley Forest in Salem, off Apperson Drive and behind Ridgewood Farms Kroger across from Lewis Gale. Near Hidden Valley Golf Course Yes View Details

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