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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
09/08/2018 Dog My beagle "cooper" followed another dog off Saturday morning. He hasn't returned yet. We live near Glenvar high school. He is black and brown and a bit over weight. Wonderful disposition. Salem (Glenvar) View Details
09/07/2018 Sphynx cat Hairless Sphynx cat 175 Orchard dr. Daleville Va.24084 Yes View Details
09/06/2018 Cat Cave Spring area of Roanoke County View Details
09/05/2018 Pittbull/ hound mix 9 month old male Black and White pit mix and a year and a half female tan and White pit mix FINCASTLE Yes View Details
09/04/2018 Cat Indoor cat named Tipper snuck out of the house, is extremely scared and disoriented outside. She is Grey, Black, Tan, and White Tabby. She does have a microchip but it has never been registered yet I have the number of the chip. Last spotted Wed 09/05/2018 around 3PM near home, has not been seen since. 3502 Yellow Mountain Rd. Roanoke VA 24014 Yes View Details
09/03/2018 Cat Young cat. Long grey fur with white chest and paws. Very sweet and loves cuddles. She used to live in Salem so we worry she may try to trek all the way back. We just got her from a friend and miss her very much. Near Fishburn Park Yes View Details
09/03/2018 Kitten Black and white kitten about 4 months old Garden city area 24014 Yes View Details
09/02/2018 Cat Finn is an indoor/outdoor cat. Very loving with beautiful markings. 2.5 years old. 11024 Rocky Road Bent Mountain VA 24059 View Details
08/31/2018 Border Collie Our Border Collie ran off last night. She is 16, so very old. She can't see or hear well. Her back hips have dysplasia, so she is going on adrenalin after an 8 hour car ride from NY to visit family. So, she does not know area. We are worried. Grandview Ave NW, north west Roanoke Yes View Details
08/31/2018 Cat Roanoke View Details
08/31/2018 Golden retreiver & border coll 3 yr. old goes by Holly
Red collar has Montgomery County tag and an id tag with her name HOLLY and a number if found
Also with a 6 year old black border collie/australian shepherd goes by Jill. Red collar with Montgomery County tag and an id tag with JILL and anim er to contact.
They went missing from our house on Friday 8/31 in Blacksburg. VA on Oilwell Road in the Merrimac area.
Oilwell Road in Blacksburg/Montgomery County. Merrimac area. View Details
08/31/2018 Husky Two huskies missing since yesterday around 4pm. 1 male 1 female. 7&6 years old.
One has an orange collar the other a camouflage collar. Male has blue eyes female brown eyes. Have micro chips. Were just adopted from the humane society in Rocky Mount yesterday. Escaped while I was going to get dog food. Very friendly.
In Garden City area. 1 mile south of Garden City off of Yellow Mt. Road View Details
08/31/2018 Cat My indoor cat snuck out sometime yesterday. He is not used to being outside. He is medium long haired, solid black with yellow eyes. About 6 years old. View Details
08/30/2018 Tabby Cat He is extremely friendly, and talkative. He will not stop talking until you give him love, he does this one really long meoe when he's really desperate for attention and sometimes squeaks when he yawns. 802 Day Avenue SW View Details
08/27/2018 Cast Brown tabby cat, slightly overweight, very loud. He went missing yesterday and is not an "outdoor cat". He is microchipped and it might be registered under his shelter name, Hoyt, or by his real name, Tibalt. He's about 1 year old. Roanoke near Plantation Ave and Columbia Street View Details
08/26/2018 Cat Missing Grey Adult cat with nick on right ear. Went missing from Winona Ave (Wasena) Roanoke Yes View Details
08/24/2018 Cat 26 pound neutered cat. Calico. medium to long hair. Is an in door cat with no street sence.

We received a message from a private individual that a similar cat was picked up. I am not seeing anything in the found pet list.
2155 Broadway Ave SW Yes View Details
08/24/2018 Cat Bailey is large, ~26lbs. White/black/grey. Declawed front paws and fixed. Yes View Details
08/20/2018 Dog He's white grey and black spots into the name of Oreo and little beige Wise ave se View Details

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