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Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
11/08/1900 Cat Adult Black small cat with green eyes and few white hairs on chest. Neutered and extremely friendly. a. Lost in NE Roanoke Monterrey Golf Course are View Details
04/25/1916 Rat terrier Responds to isla. She is a puppy about 9 months old Cloverdale View Details
05/07/1916 cat We have lost a 13 year old male cat with seal-point Siamese markings (dark brown and cream colored). Vista Forest neighborhood in SW Roanoke County. Winterwood Trail is the street View Details
07/04/1916 great dane st bernard mixed 3 month old grey and white great dane and st. Bernard mixed puppy. She got frightened by fireworks on the 4th of July and ran off when I let her out to use the bathroom. If anyone has seen her or found her please give me a call or please send me an email. She is a big puppy that stands up to knee length. She will not bite you but is very playful. She is a little bit bigger than the picture. Shenandoah Ave. Yes View Details
07/20/1916 Canine Catahoula Pit Mix- Diesel. Neutered. Microchipped. Home vet-Southern Hills Animal Hospital. Brown with black spots, white tipped tail and paws. People friendly. 565 Webb Mountain Road Yes View Details
11/15/1916 Cat One eyed black, grey, and white short haired cat with pattern like a target on both of his sides. Very shy. Bent Mountain View Details
12/19/1916 Cat solid black cat who's name is Blackie. He is around 3ys old and very sweet...may take a bit for him to worm up to someone since is lost/probably nervous In northern Fincastle. Possibly on Old Fincastle Road, Polly Street or Mount Moriah Road View Details
12/26/1916 Labradoodle Lost in the Penn Forest area of Roanoke
county. He is around 65-70 lbs with a white fluffy coat. He is very friendly and answers to Sonny. He is eleven years old but very healthy and active.
Penn Forest Roanoke County View Details
12/29/1916 dog Myles is a very large dog 15 months old, weighs 100 lbs. Myles removed an exhaust fan from a window (ground level) and jumped. We've been told he was hit by a taxi and kept running. He's a very nice/kind dog. He is gray, black & white. He is St. Bernard/ Great Pyreneese. PLEASE HELP RETURN MY SICK CHILD'S BEST FRIEND. Myles is very kind to children, and cats. Not aggressive at all. 30th block of Melrose ave. NW approx 7:45pm View Details
01/28/1917 Cat Mostly white with orange tail. Rainbow Forrest View Details
04/21/1917 Cat "Gary" is an orange tiger striped neutered male dsh. He is a sweet outdoor cat who has wandered too far from home. He will come when you call his name and he is very seeet and friendly and he loves all kinds of food!! Please help him get home to his family! Daleview Drive, daleville va Yes View Details
09/17/2006 orange tabby 11 year old male orange tabby cat with white chest and white paws. Has a collar with a purple heart ID tag that says OTIS and has my phone on the back, 540 588-7521. We just moved to our new townhouse a few weeks ago, so I am afraid Otis has gotten very lost or hurt and can't make it back home. Otis has a microchip, and will most likely hide when scared. Please let me know if you have seen him. He is missed dearly.Thank you Winterberry Drive, right off of Electric Road, near McVitty and Castle Rock. View Details
08/13/2015 Dog ( Labrador Retriever ) He has scars on his nose.
Black Fur
2 years old
St.Rt. 93 / Main Street / Rt. 50
Mcarthur Ohio
Yes View Details
11/10/2015 Cat Teddy is a large, neutered male who is approximately 10 years old. He was last seen in my yard on Tuesday 11/10/15 at 1394 Shadow Mountain Ln, Blue Ridge, VA. Teddy is fat and has a very saggy belly and has a small, white spot on his chest. If Teddy has been outside without food, he will not be fat, but his belly will certainly be saggier. Teddy is a very skittish, and shy cat. Food will lure him and make him purr. Teddy is very special to me, and as all pets are to their owners, I want him back. If you have any information on Teddy, whether it be good or bad news, please let me know. I would rather learn that my Teddy died than to live the rest of my life wondering. $500.00 reward 1394 Shadow Mountain Ln. Blue Ridge, Bedford County, VA,
Jordantown Rd. and Shady Grove.
Yes View Details
12/18/2015 Cat Black cat with light brown marbled spots. Light green eyes and she's declawed. Very sweet weighs about 7 lbs. Carson Rd. Area Bonsack VA View Details
12/19/2015 cat Yellow/orange not neutered castle Rock sw rke 24018 Yes View Details
12/19/2015 Beagle Lemon Beagle goes by Sampson lost on Twelve O'Clock Knob. Roanoke County Side new Poor Mountain Nature Preserve Twelve O'Clock Knob Road View Details
12/20/2015 Dog Miniature poodle named meeko, white in color with curly fur, is 16 years old and mostly blind and deaf Fincastle, va Yes View Details
12/21/2015 Poodle x bichon Cream, poodle cross bichon, male, 1year old. Red collar with silver name tag. Microchipped.
Last seen 1pm in Norley. Was being looked after by a pet sitter, heard a loud shot / bang and ran. Also has a pet sitter tag for dash pets.
Norley, Cheshire Yes View Details
12/21/2015 cat gray cat. reward. has bad limp on back leg. shorthair. was lost a while ago, but maybe he can still be found. might have traveled some distance by now, or might have found a food source near where he was lost. troutville va. View Details

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