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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
02/24/2019 Cat White Siamese with blue eyes gray tail Coopers cove road, off windy gap mountain View Details
02/24/2019 Tan plott hound Tan in color female hound.got out of her kennel sunday, Buchanan Yes View Details
02/22/2019 Lab/ pit bull mix He is solid black with a white patch on the chest, he is 1 years old , he was last seen around 3-4 pm. He wa last seen at 2829 idlewild blvd. NE 24012 2828 idlewild blvd. Yes View Details
02/22/2019 Canine Austrailian cattle dog named Zippy - shy but will come for treats Last seen at Franklin County Animal Hospital - Virgil H Goode Hwy Rocky Mount Yes View Details
02/21/2019 Dog Black and tan dapple dachshund. Completely blind but can hear. She is 11 to 12 pounds, friendly, LOVES food/treats. She responds to her name, Winnie, and to kissing sounds. She is microchipped! Canyon Road Roanoke Yes View Details
02/20/2019 Dog Male Black Lab Neutered mix....ran from home in Blue Ridge, VA towards BR Parkway chasing a deer. Dog was tracked about 3 miles off Mountain Pass Rd. Troutville has red Kong collar and flea collar along with Botetourt Co. Dog tag. He's about 18 months old. Dog is micro chipped not registered yet. Picture of dog on file at Reed Mountain Animal Hospital Blue Ridge, VA View Details
02/19/2019 Dog Moose is pug/Boston terrier mix. He mostly black and very friendly. He is a very important part of our family, extremely loved and definitely want him to come home. Gladden Rd off of Harborwood Rd in Salem. View Details
02/18/2019 Grey tabby cat Small female grey tabby cat....Ellie is her name 619 Elm Street Old southwest Roanoke Va View Details
02/15/2019 Yellow lab Missing from Troutville, Blue Ridge area. Friendly. Answers to Copper. TROUTVILLE View Details
02/15/2019 Cat Black and white Male 12lbs neutered Roanoke Yes View Details
02/14/2019 Medium length tortis shell Back orange tortis sheâ??ll medium length hair her name is Mari Roanoke county off garst mill rd near brambleton ave View Details
02/13/2019 Chihuahua Tiny white dog with tan spots all over. Wearing a blue collar with bones on it. His name is Mason and he will respond to it. Near Cave Spring, Roanoke, VA View Details
02/12/2019 Havanese/Mix Short black hair with some white areas on feet, chest, and chin. Brown eyes, 12-13 pounds, recently groomed. Vinnie got out of my car at around 3-3:45pm, while in the Clearbrook Walmart parking lot, on the pharmacy side of the building. He was last seen being chased by two boys on the pharmacy side of the building near the edge of the parking lot. View Details
02/11/2019 Jack Russell Terrier Friendly 15+ year old ;frail; limited teeth Last seen on Carriage Ln in the Knollwood/ Rainbow Forest area View Details
02/11/2019 Dog Gate was open- fairly certain intentionally. Gray male Weimaraner 4yrs old. Name is Louie. Very sweet, but skiddish. Roanoke Mill Mountain area Yes View Details
02/10/2019 Schnauzer/Dutchound Lost(Mister) male puppy. Grey and black. Last night in Ashton apartments. He's a dutchound/schnauzer mix. Very young puppy. Please contact me if you find him Ashton apartments NW. Roanoke city. Right off Melrose Ave Yes View Details
02/10/2019 Cat White long-haired cat blue eyes about 18 months old Salem, near Edgebrook, hanging rock area Yes View Details
02/09/2019 Great Pyrenees Two Great Pyrenees (male and female). 937 Little Catawba Creek Road, Troutville View Details
02/09/2019 black lab pit mix Daisy is a Smaller Black Lab mix with white hair on her chest. she was lost on colgate st NE Roanoke va 24012 Very friendly 2106 colgate st ne 24012 View Details
02/09/2019 Cat Short haired adult cat with calico missing off of Memorial Dr SW. May be in the Grandin area, we live on Harvard St SW. Friendly cat, please let me know if you've found her. Yes View Details
02/07/2019 Dog Lab mix, 8 years old Poor mountain road, Salem VA Yes View Details
02/07/2019 Miniature pinscher 12 years old black and tan miniature pinscher. Name is Anubis. Cataracts in eyes. Skittish. Vinton Yes View Details
02/07/2019 hound/lab mix tags for collar found in back yard huntington blvd ne roanoke 24012 View Details
02/07/2019 Treeing Walker Coonhound She is a tri-color hound... white, black, & brown(like a big beagle). Sheâ??s friendly and up-to-date on vaccinations and microchipped. Our back gate was left open by our exterminator and she got out around 9-10am from the bonsack area (huntridge rd) When sheâ??s gotten out in the past, she is found under deck or in garage shaking and scared. She is sweet and not aggressive. 5014 Huntridge Road Roanoke, VA (Bonsack) View Details
02/07/2019 Treeing Walker Coonhound She is a tri-color hound... white, black, & brown(like a big beagle). Sheâ??s friendly and up-to-date on vaccinations and microchipped. Our back gate was left open by our exterminator and she got out around 9-10am from the bonsack area (huntridge rd) When sheâ??s gotten out in the past, she is found under deck or in garage shaking and scared. She is sweet and not aggressive. Bonsack area Huntridge Road View Details
02/07/2019 Treeing Walker Coonhound Help us find our Holly Hound! Our back gate was left open by accident and our treeing walker coonhound(big beagle- white, brown & black)l got out around 9-10am from the bonsack area (huntridge rd). She was last spotted heading into the woods behind GCR tire on 460 around 1pm. When sheâ??s gotten out in the past, she was found under a deck or in garage shaking and very scared. She is sweet and not aggressive. She may be more likely to come for a squeaker toy or treat. Sheâ??s up-to-date on vaccinations and microchipped, and only wearing a gray flea/tick collar. â?? in Bonsack, Virginia. Bonsack, VA Huntridge Road Yes View Details
02/07/2019 hound/lab mix 1 year old sweet black with white on chest huntington blvd ne roanoke View Details
02/06/2019 Weimaraner Sadie is a dark grey Weimaraner (looks similar to a lab). She is very gentle and loving, but is scared and skittish of strangers. Lost from: 2500 block of Hill Ave Last seen: near the Parkway overpass going over Bandy and Azalea heading east toward Hwy 220. View Details
02/06/2019 Cat Dsh, Black cat, 4 Years old, about 11 pounds, Spayed Female, Friendly, Has a chip and is registered. Newland, Near Peters Creek Rd and AirPort Rd. View Details
02/03/2019 Cat White Male cat with gray spots. We decently moved by 10th street. He found his way back to the old house twice but I havent seen him in about 4 days. Roanoke Yes View Details
02/01/2019 Dog Female Black shepherd lab mix, white on chest and on feet. She is a a very sweet and loving dog, will most likely walk right up to you. Her name is jet and was last seen at her home around 4:00 p.m on 2/1/19. She lives on muddy fork road in the fogsboro area and never strays far. It is very unlike her to not come home and we are worried sick. Figsboro Yes View Details
01/28/2019 Feline Black and white Have kink at the end of talk Castrated male Have a black lump on head and a lump on chest He's about 20 years old so old He looks like a stray but isn't Norwich, dereham road but on Devonshire Street View Details
01/27/2019 cat all black long haired cat clipped ear bushy tail with shaved area near tail area green eyes had 3 year rabies shot Baymont by Wyndham motel salem, va. View Details
01/26/2019 Pit Bull Very sweet dog. Younger than 1 year old. Please help me find him! Oak Park Apartments on the Roanoke and Salem line. Yes View Details
01/26/2019 Yorkshire Terrier 12 years old about 5 pounds Daleville View Details
01/26/2019 Cat 2 year old, white cat with orange tail and orange patch below his left ear. He is friendly but can be scared/wary around new people and situations. He is neutered. Clearbrook behind Clearbrook Elementary on Indian Grave Road in Roanoke County Yes View Details
01/25/2019 Labrador Golden Labrador puppy Medium size White stripe on shoulders Her Name is Yuki 24014 Cowman rd. Yes View Details
01/24/2019 Cat 10 Month old, medium hair (black and white) Tuxedo cat. Roanoke Yes View Details
01/23/2019 Goat Two 6 month old goats. Brown in color Hardy,va View Details
01/22/2019 Cat Tabby Parkview Drive- Botetourt County View Details
01/17/2019 canine black & Tan Miniature Pincher 913 4th st. SW Roanoke, City, Va View Details
01/15/2019 Husky he is friendly and loves attention 10th and Rockland ave, Nw View Details
01/13/2019 Dog 14 yr,old papillon. Black/ white some tan. Weighs about 10 lbs. tall for a papillon. Ran off at 6:30pm Sunday evening. Sheâ??s hard of hearing, , thin and frail, extremely friendly. Roanoke county , Forest Acre Trail and Bradshaw rd. Yes View Details
01/12/2019 Beagle Mix very shy will not come to you her name is Stella Troutville View Details
01/11/2019 Cat Looks like a lost kitten in my friends neighborhood in Botetourt County on the road near the train tracks go towards the post office and cloverdale elementary Botetourt County View Details
01/11/2019 Cat Clover, DSH, Dilute Tortoiseshell, 1yr, approx. 10lbs, semi feral (fearful), mild CH causing imbalance issues 1517 Lexington Ave Yes View Details
01/10/2019 Lab border collie mix Microchipped. Unsure if its registered. Adopted from frankln county humane society. Very sweet . Non ageessive . Good with other dogs and children. Comes to BELLA. Very fast funner. Ray rd roanoke va Yes View Details
01/10/2019 Dachshund - Long Hair (Blond) Blond Long-haired mini dachshund - Escaped from my back yard today at approximately 1pm. Was last seen at the intersection of Caldwell Dr NW and the Lynchburg/Salem Turnpike. Collar is brown and has a riveted tag on it that says Brodie and has the phone number 434-907-8439 on it. He is 12 years old and his 937 Caldwell Dr NW Roanoke, VA 24017 Yes View Details
01/08/2019 Great Dane and Rhodesian ridge Two dogs Great Dane 1 year old black with a little white under neck Rhodesian ridge back Tan with black line on back 1930 Underhill Ave in woods View Details
01/08/2019 domestic short hair Microchip # 981020021080102 age about 3 Willow has just been given a new home in Garden City, Roanoke. He was there one night and day, very happy - but he sneaked outside in the evening and it is now the next day and he hasn't returned. He has done this before and returned, happy and hungry but I am concerned because he is at a new location. Willow is super friendly, sweet and energetic. He is warm towards all people and is ok with dogs after a short introduction. He is fine with other cats after a few days. Loves to roam outside. He has a croaky voice. He has never been aggressive to people. He has some condition that can't be cured, makes him sound congested. It varies in prominence over time periods. He is up to date with vaccines. Is Felv/FIV negative and weighs about 15 lbs. He is very flexible and adaptable. 2240 Mount Pleasant Boulevard, ROANOKE VA 24014 Yes View Details
01/08/2019 Cat Maine Coon grey fuzzy cat. Only 6 months old. She has microchip. Her name is Ethel. Super sweet!!! Super fuzzy!!! All four paws are white. Roanoke- Vivian ave 24019- hollins area Yes View Details
01/06/2019 Cat Her names wigwom, shes grey super fuzzy and is very sweet and playful. She has big bold eyes, shes beautiful. Shes never been outaide before and she just recently got out. Roanoke va nw View Details
01/05/2019 Cat light blond, short hair tabby just over a year old. He has wight fur on his chest, feet, and tail. His name is Little Man. His Tail looks kind of fluffy. He is shy but sweet. Melrose Ave Roanoke Virginia View Details
01/04/2019 Cat Very old, sweet orange tabby cat named Orange. He has only a few teeth and some eye issues. He is quite overweight and is an indoor only cat. If found, please take him inside and contact us. Thank you! 1833 Avon rd Yes View Details
01/04/2019 Shiba Inu My Shiba Inu was missing on Jan. 04 early morning in Blacksburg. He is about 27lb, a 2 year old yellow Shiba with curl tail. He has a tag when missing, also microchipped. Knollwood Blacksburg. Yes View Details
01/04/2019 Dog Brown hound mix. About 4 years old. Approximately 50 pounds. Got out of a hole in the fence and snagged his collar on the fence and lost it. Got out about 7:30 am Jan. 4. Has microchip. Chesterton Street - Deyerle neighborhood View Details
01/03/2019 cat Fred is a ten year old cat and about fourteen pounds and is tortoise in color. She also has a big patch of hair missing down her back and both ears are folded down 5146 Hildebrand road near Williamson road View Details
01/01/2019 Dog 35 lb Black and Tan coonhound. People and dog friendly. Name is Ginny. Approximately 2 years old Peters Creek Road/Nover/Archcrest Drive View Details
01/01/2019 Dog Grandin- Our Australian Shepherd became missing just after midnight on New Yearâ??s Eve. He was in our fenced in backyard but didnâ??t return when called for. Weâ??re not sure how he got out or where he went. His name is Whiskey and he is very gentle and shy. His coloring is brown/white and heâ??s wearing a Virginia Tech collar. Spring Rd near Grandin Court Elementary Yes View Details
01/01/2019 Great dane Grey and black Great Dane service dog name is castenova Roanoke Yes View Details
12/31/2018 Cat Black grey black stripes malr with chip Yes View Details
12/30/2018 Bulldog Bella is a large White Bulldog with tan patches. She is mostly white. She is a huge baby. She loves everyone. Still acts like a puppy. She is 3 yrs old. She is huge, so people can be intimidated by that. She is not aggressive at all and gets along with all dogs and cats. She is terribly missed by her family. She got out from under my backyard fence. She went missing around the Williamson Rd area. Williamson Rd area. Behind Berglund Chev dealership View Details
12/30/2018 Canine Pyrenees mix. White and apricot Roanoke road to Blacksburg road. Daleville/Troutville Yes View Details
12/30/2018 Cat Adopted cat. Looks Siamese but not pure bread. Tan with black feet, tail, face, ears. (Photo wonâ??t load for now) 429 Allison Avenue southwest. View Details
12/29/2018 Dog Sheltie Tri color large male Sheltie 12 yrs old. Hard of hearing & shy around strangers. Very sweet. 301 Deaner Dr NW Roanoke 24017 right on Salem line Ridgewood Park area between Shenandoah & Salem Turnpike View Details
12/26/2018 German Shepherd Large german shepherd with her belly still shaved from surgery. Answers to Nikki Buchanan View Details
12/26/2018 Dog Female red nose Pitt bull with white chest and feet very friendly.she also has a microchip. Moneta va View Details
12/25/2018 Dog The dogs name is Lucy. She is a Hound mix, 28lbs, white with light brown markings on body and around eyes on face. Vinton View Details
12/24/2018 Dog Lost him around 6 in the afternoon on Christmas Eve 5304 malvern rd, Roanoke county 24012 View Details
12/24/2018 Little Dog and fluffy Has two black spots on his ears that connects to his eyes Williamson Road and 5304 Malvern Road Yes View Details
12/24/2018 Cat Missing a gray, semi large cat. His name is Charlie. He ran out of the house christmas eve and we were unable to catch him and he ran. He is microchipped, but I believe the chip is still registered to Angels of Assisi who we adopted him from. He's around three years old, very fluffy. Roanoke, Highland Avenue near delta tobacco. View Details
12/22/2018 Cat Neutered male tuxedo cat with a thin line of white running up between the eyes. Not overweight. 1600 block of Sherwood Ave, Raleigh Court area Yes View Details
12/21/2018 Dog Black and Tan hound mix. Botetourt/Fincastle area. Approx 5 years old microchipped May come up with Vinton address but should have my phone number Fincastle Yes View Details
12/21/2018 cat Blonde-un-neutered with hurt right front leg but gets around-was a stray, took him in about 6 months ago-want to catch him to take to vet Dry Hollow Rd-Camp Roanoke-Dixie Caverns area View Details
12/20/2018 Japanese shiba Orange/ light brown/ Japanese shiba looks like fox 5456 Indian grave rd roanoke va 24018 View Details
12/19/2018 Cat Chubby black & grey tabby cat VERY FRIENDLY 324 mountain ave. SW ROANOKE VA 24016 Yes View Details
12/19/2018 Cat Neutered Tabby cat. Doesn't enjoy being held. Very friendly and can be very vocal at times. Showalter Road. (Peter's creek road, melrose, greenridge, barnett,sigmon Northwood are all in the area) View Details
12/19/2018 dog Golden Siberian/shepherd mix Answers to ''Roy" Visiting from NYC 1938 Maple Leaf Dr., Roanoke City View Details
12/19/2018 Dog Hello, Our dog, Roy, ran out of the house tonight. He is a 45 pound golden/white/tan husky retriever mix (very fluffy) and wearing a blue harness. VERY fluffy tail. Last seen Maple Leaf Drive Roanoke at about 6:30pm on December 19. He was resecued recently from a shelter so not familiar with the area. He's a little timid but very sweet / not aggressive. Maple Leaf Drive Roanoke Yes View Details
12/17/2018 domestic cat Angus is a male domestic short hair (white orange markings, around 12 to 14 lbs and reserved, but friendly personality) who was adopted from Pet Helpers in Charleston, SC. He was chipped (they called him Marvin) and neutered by Pet Helpers I moved with Angus to Roanoke Va in 2012. Angus went missing last Monday 12/17/18 My ph is 843 860 8971 and address is 1601 Ivy St SE, Roanoke, VA, 24014. Roanoke Yes View Details
12/17/2018 Cat Lynx point siamese, cream with gray tabby tail, legs, and ears. Blue eyes. 9 months old, 11 lbs. Lost on Debra Ln in Salem. Salem View Details
12/17/2018 dog Chloe is her name - she is a Boxer mix; cropped tail; tan/white Roanoke SW area View Details
12/16/2018 Dog NAME: DIXIE SEX: FEMALE AGE: 6 1/2 YEARS OLD COLOR: BROWN WEIGHT: 25-30 POUNDS ***FADED PINK CAMO COLLAR WITH TAG THAT HAS PHONE NUMBER AND ADDRESS ON*** ***GLENVAR SCHOOLS AREA*** She has 3 patches of fur missing. One on the back of her neck. The other between her shoulder blades and the 3rd on her rear near her tail. Small scar on her muzzle ***May be shy/skiddish towards strangers but is really sweet. *** Salem View Details
12/16/2018 Dog Color: BROWN Sex: FEMALE Collar: YES Weight: 25-30 lbs 3 patches of missing fur on her back and neck Skiddish to strangers Salem View Details
12/15/2018 Mastiff mix Approximately 90lbs. Black and Tan brindle dog named Steeler. Is not able to open jaw. Is shy. Ashley dr. Salem VA 24153 Yes View Details
12/14/2018 Calico cat 3 month old kitten, ran out when opening the door. Light gray with a peach color, gray eyes. Very friendly. Off of Williamson Road Yes View Details
12/14/2018 Calico Cat 3 month old kitten-gray and peach colored, Gray eyes. Very sweet, named Peach. Ran out the door at night when I was taking out The trash! She is very missed! Please call if found! Off of Williamson Road Yes View Details
12/13/2018 Blood hounds Two bloodhounds lost. One has a petsafe collar (blk and tan 4 years old George) the other does not (blk and brown 8 years old Sam). Camp Jaycee/Paradise Haven Trail (Blue Ridge/Montvale area) Yes View Details
12/11/2018 Dog My dog is a German shepherd, black and brown coloring with a bit of gray down her back and sides. She is 8 years old and her name is Daisy. I really hope to get her back soon! Thank you so much. Bedford County View Details
12/11/2018 Portuguese water dog All black with black eyes and nose, wearing Christmas scarf. Looks like a labradoodle. Troutville, stoney battery rd across from vdot station. View Details
12/10/2018 Husky mix 32lb, cream colored, name: Bailey Piper Glenn, Blue Ridge, near blue ridge parkway Yes View Details
12/08/2018 Cat Male black cat, he's muscular but has lost weight recently. He's picky with who he'll let pet him, but if he likes you he'll let you rub his belly. His name is Hades. Old southwest, around mountain and 4th. View Details
12/07/2018 Cat Neutered brown and black cat. Very friendly responds to Loki. Green Ridge rd / north lakes Yes View Details
12/07/2018 cat long hair orange tabby..very sweet...name is Justice 3382 Rasmont Rd apt K Cave Spring VA View Details
12/07/2018 Orange Tabby Katie is a large,very fluffy, orange tabby. She is shy. She is wearing a tattered pink collar with a flower on it. Grandview Yes View Details
12/06/2018 Cairn terrier Very sweet & friendly little dog. She answers to Pepper and she is mostly black with white hair. Escaped from home on Dawnridge Drive in Vinton View Details
12/06/2018 Dog Taz is a friendly Senior dog who acts much more like a puppy than an older dog. He responds to Taz or Tazzy. He has no teeth due to his advanced age. He is primarily White/Cream in color with Darker tan / blonde coloring on his back and forehead, the fur at the forehead makes a heart shape. He got out of the yard Thursday 12.06.18 when going out to potty and hasn't been seen since. Please contact us if you find him as he is very missed at home, especially by his doggie companion Cody. We miss him very much and hope he is well and safe. Lynch Station, VA Yes View Details
12/05/2018 Dog Missing: Roanoke Virginia. My shih tzu, noodles, slipped out of the apartment today and was scared away by a big dog. We have been searching for her for 3 hours. She is 13 years old, spaded, microchipped, and has a pink collar on with white diamonds. If you find her please call me!! (540)520-1208! Itâ??s 30 degrees and windy, and she has a short hair cut! Please help me get my baby home!! 4333 Electric Rd apt 7B Yes View Details
12/04/2018 Cat Her Name is Rose and she is light brown color. She is about 1 1/2 years old Walked out of home on Westvale Ave NE 24019 View Details
12/03/2018 Mastiff/Retriever "Hera" - Friendly, very sweet, 2 year old mastiff/retriever mix - roughly 90 lbs. 416 Arbor Ave SE, Roanoke VA Yes View Details
12/02/2018 Chocolate Lab Chocolate lab female, spayed, very friendly and bouncy. Answers to cocoa Near Glenvar High School Yes View Details
12/02/2018 Dog Brown/white female/spayed, one eye is blue New Castle, VA View Details
12/01/2018 beagle small black, white, and brown beagle. she is microchipped and her name is Delilah bonsack virginia Yes View Details
11/30/2018 Dog Brown with white patch on his chest. Approximately 55lbs. Answers to Sam or Sammy. Super friendly and very energetic. Woods Ave Sw, Roanoke Yes View Details
11/29/2018 Cat Name is Manny. Orange and white Tabby. Fluffy but smaller cat. Very Sweet. Got out into our woods during a house fire and has not been recovered yet. Inside cat. Had chip at time of adoption but not sure if still active or able to be detected. Had a white flea collar at time of disappearance. Sounds like a mack truck when he purrs. Montgomery Village, Horn Circle, Vinton, VA Yes View Details
11/27/2018 House cat Orange tiger color and his name is Simba. He's never been outside and is a house cat. Roanoke Yes View Details
11/27/2018 Cat 1.5 Year old grey and white cat. He's about 10 pounds, and is pretty skittish around strangers. His chest is all white while his back, tail, and part of his legs are grey. He has a crooked white mustache as well. Troutville - near botetourt country club pool View Details
11/26/2018 Cat The family cat was last seen last Monday night when he ran outside with out dogs. He has green eyes and is declawed. Our dogs miss him and we miss him. If you have found our cat please contact us. Wise ave se View Details
11/25/2018 DOG BULLY BREED - TAN w/ WHITE ON CHEST - NAME: LUNA - LOST/MISSING from 10st NW 2025 10th St NW Yes View Details
11/24/2018 Cat Grey with white feet and chest, very friendly and talkative, declawed front paws, spayed female Roanoke Yes View Details
11/24/2018 Cat Grey with white feet and chest, very friendly and talkative, declawed front paws, spayed female Roanoke Yes View Details
11/24/2018 Chihuahua Primarily black with some tan and white chihuahua. Approximately 12 lbs. Was walking her around and she slipped out of her harness and took off. Last seen in the Memorial Ave Sw/Grandin Road sw area. Full of energy. She is microchipped. Didnâ??t get a chance to register her yet because we had just gotten her from angels of Assisi a few hours prior. She has a lump on the underside of her body between her back legs. 540-761-2684 or 540-392-2904. Ask for Shelly or Josh. Roanoke. Memorial ave grandin road area. Yes View Details
11/22/2018 Dog He is a beautiful blue pit, hound mix with BIG ears and short legs. ROANOKE Yes View Details
11/22/2018 Cat Her name is Tonks and sheâ??s a small black cat with a little white spot on her chest. Sheâ??s very friendly and responsive to whistling or just crouching down and calling her. Old Southwest on Elm Ave View Details
11/21/2018 Cat Male black green / yellow eye has white mark on belly. Has a little grey in hair Answers to the name Baby or baby boy. Picture attached is a couple years old roanoke garden City area View Details
11/21/2018 Cat Black Male goes by the name Baby or baby boy white spot on belly some grey hair roanoke, Garden city area 1502 Glenwood Cir 24014 View Details
11/20/2018 car Last seen at our house in Goodview Goodview View Details
11/20/2018 Cat My cat is a sable Brown domestic long hair but sometimes looks black as well. He is 15 years old and he has a few things that define him. If you look at the front of his face he has one fang tooth out side of his mouth, he has no fur around his neck where he used to wear a collar, and on his back he has a cluster cyst. He is very skittish any answers to the name of Caleb. He is a very bushy cat with a bushy tail. Roanoke County Yes View Details
11/19/2018 Maltese Our baby has been missing since last Monday. We have been so heartbroken without her. Her face has been recently trimmed but we were waiting for her appt to get groomed so her body was a bit tangled. She had a bath the night before and my daughter took her collar off so I could wash it but she went missing before I got to. Her name is Lema and shes female and very sweet. Please help us find her Hardy, VA Yes View Details
11/19/2018 Dog White female dog with brown spots. One big brown spot on her butt. Medium small size. Name = Angel A very kind, gentle and trusting animal. Phone number on collar is an old one 5402043517. I just got a new phone and have not updated her coller yet. My new number is 5405410958. 9th st SE near Roanoke Industrial Center. Yes View Details
11/18/2018 Long haired cat My roommate left the door open. This was at Bent Tree apts on Colonial rd. His name is Caleb and he is 16 years old. I am legally blind and partially deaf so its hard for me to see/hear him. Roanoke,va Yes View Details
11/18/2018 Long Haired Cat He is a long haired gray cat. His name is Chuck. Forest Lawn Drive in Salem Virginia View Details
11/16/2018 cat he is a male cat roughly 18 months old. he is all gray with just a small patch of white hair right under his neck. he is a completely indoor cat. 7120 williamson rd hollins, va 24019 View Details
11/14/2018 Orange Tabby Kitty I lost my little orange tabby kitty this morning in the south Salem area. She is mostly orange with white on her chest and two front paws, she has a lot of freckles on her nose. She is young, 2-ish and has never ever been outside before. If someone sees her and can return her to me or even call me to let me know where theyâ??ve seen her Iâ??d appreciate it a bunch, she is my little best friend and my heart is broken with out her. I live over in the south Salem area, by south Salem elementary school, she snuck out this morning (11/14/18) in that area. Yes View Details
11/14/2018 Dog His name is Rex he has red color in him and white his 30 lbs and has curly tail he is shiba inu breed he is very young just one year old his a puppy has no common sense the moment he gets lose he loves to take off to run field he loves to be loved he loves to play and run around but his lost now please help him to get back home to us please we have three children whoâ??s missing him 5456 indiangrave rd Roanoke va Yes View Details
11/14/2018 Hound / mix young dog 2 yrs. friendly but shy. Full of energy and loves to run. May or may not come to you. If found please call. ROANOKE View Details
11/12/2018 Tabby Scuttle is known for being loud! He will be vocal but is very friendly. If you say his name, he will almost immediately talk to you. He's super sweet and loves to be around people. He's around 3 years old a fairly big cat. Kildeer Circle - Hunting Hills Yes View Details
11/11/2018 Cat Sweet grey calico/tabby cat. Friendly with dogs and humans. Hates other cats. Wearing two collars, one pink and one purple. Last seen in Fort Mason off of Cotton Hill Road in SW Roanoke County. Responds to name, Betty. Yes View Details
11/09/2018 Cocker Spaniel 12 Year old Cocker Spaniel. Outdoor Dog. Reddish Blonde longer hair / Grey in the face, His name is Sam. His tail has been clipped. He's nearing being deaf so he may not answer when called. He's wearing a black shock collar that is used with his "Guardian" underground fence. He started running through the fence over the last week. This last time, he didn't return. Wipledale Ave in NW Roanoke. North Lakes Subdivision. Near Northside High School. View Details
11/07/2018 Mix His name is Troy and he is around 14 years old. Black and brown mut. Cave Spring- Canter Dr. View Details
11/06/2018 chihuahua terrier mix Cocoa is a 13 lb. mix and she is black with brown. Last seen at the corner of Fairway & Carlton, SW. She has heart trouble and needs her medication. Fairway Drive, SW and Carlton Ave., SW - Roanoke 24015 Yes View Details
11/06/2018 Dog Buddy is about 50 lb, black and white short hair dog. Friendly. Miller Cove Road, Catawba View Details
11/06/2018 cat grey and black stripes 2 year old grey shy cat. he usually comes home every night through his cat flap but he hasn't been back for 4 days now roanoke laburnum langdon brandon View Details
11/06/2018 Yorkie poo Grey seresto collar, red collar with red Montgomery County tags plus a tag with his name and wrong address and phone number. Botetourt View Details
11/06/2018 Cat DSH Lost outdoor-access cat. Brown Tabby DSH. Spayed female. Has all claws. Cautious, talkative, and can be skittish. 10 years old. 1285 Walnut Shell Drive, Vinton, VA. May have been transported to Roanoke, VA. Yes View Details
11/05/2018 Cat Siamese mix, 13 pounds, microchipped. Lost near Williamson Rd and 10th St. 2713 Cumberland St NW Yes View Details
11/05/2018 Hound/rodegian ridgeback weight approx 80 pounds, color brown - ran threw invisible fence chasing a cat or rabbit from 2478 Highland road in rounke county this morning ROANOKE View Details
11/03/2018 Cat My cat Valentine (Valley) is a tortoiseshell cat and is nearly three years old. She will normally come to her names being called ot a bag of dry food being shaken. We live on Day Avenue SW near downtown Roanoke. She likes to hang out in the garden park across the street in the boxes. She sometimes likes to walk around the naughbor hood and may have gone into a surrounding neighborhood. Day Avenue SW Roanoke, Virginia 24016 View Details
11/02/2018 Bug (pug and BostonTerrier mix Weighs approx 18 lbs. Brindle in color with a big white patch on his chest. Blue collar with tag. Roanoke SE near Stewart and 11St View Details
11/01/2018 Cat Orange/yellow. Not a huge cat. Good weight. Not overweight at all. Please call if you see her or text email. My son is very sad. Her full sister is also living with us and her 7 month old daughter. She has been spayed. Has all claws. Name is Mango. Blue Ridge View Details
11/01/2018 Cat DSH Bugsy is a black and white tuxedo cat. He is mostly black with white paws on the front with a couple black toes, and white chest. We live close to Ronlad McDonald House in the Crystal Spring/South Roanoke area. He is older and canbe grumpy and HUGELY missed by our entire family. He doesn't like litter boxes and goes outside to do his business and didn't come home. If you see him please let us know as soon as possible. Stanley Ave SE & 24th St SE in City of Roanoke View Details
10/30/2018 Dog My boys are missing! Answer to Buster and Jasper. Yellow lab mix and brown boxer mix. Went missing Tuesday. Last seen running toward Carvins Cove. Both were wearing collars when they ran off. Catawba/311 View Details
10/29/2018 Cat Siamese male around 4 years old. Unneutered with black scrotum. Has a big black spot on his back where he lost a patch of white fur and it grew back a black circle Lithia Road Buchanan, Virginia Yes View Details
10/28/2018 Cat Missing Garfield, fluffy orange and white long haired cat. Neutered, about 3 years old. Chamblissburg va View Details
10/28/2018 Boston Terrier Tuxedo is a handsome boy of 1 yr. He is loved and missed!! Please return him to his owners who have had since he was 8 weeks old. I am heartbroken and want and NEED my baby back home with me! Roanoke - Melrose, near country cooking Yes View Details
10/28/2018 Pug Black and white pug, lost on Melrose near Country Cookin Roanoke Melrose near Country Cookin View Details
10/28/2018 Dog 1-2 yr old male. Red/orange. Has white tip on his tail. Very friendly. Knows no strangers. Union Church rd thaxton Va Yes View Details
10/28/2018 mix terrier/corgi Dogs name is Roni. She is microchipped and her collar has either Daisy or Dixie tag which belongs to one of our other dogs. fire road north of Roaring Run View Details
10/27/2018 Looks like pug Black, gray & tan short hair with short floppy ears. Has curly tail that he holds on his back. Has short snout with underbite. Will not usually come when called. Named Rascal. Vinton Heights View Details
10/27/2018 Shiba Inu Large Shiba Inu lost on Whippletree Dr Roanoke. He got out of our invisible fence. Golden color. Pretty friendly, but may be a little skittish at first. His name is Remington. Has some scar marks on his snout. Not neutered. Weight around 45 lbs. Roanoke County-Whippletree Drive in Sugarloaf Mountain Area View Details
10/24/2018 Dog Karma (catahoula leopard) and Bruiser ( tri-color Beagle/hound mix) took of after a deer Wednesday evening at 9pm and are still missing. Please contact if you have seen them! Roanoke County,Carson Rd-behind Bonsack Kroger. Yes View Details
10/24/2018 Dog Josie is a medium sized brown and white mixed breed. She is very friendly and went missing with her sister who is listed on here as well. She is about 50 lbs. She has a slightly detectable tattoo in her ear from the previous state we lived in. Edgewood st./Brandon Ave area View Details
10/24/2018 Dog Ava is a tan medium sized mixed breed. She is very friendly. She went missing with her sister Josie who is also listed on this website. She is approximately 50 lbs. She has a slightly detectable tattoo in her ear from the previous state we lived in. Edgewood st./Brandon Ave area View Details
10/23/2018 American Bully Not fixed, brown, 75lbs, zig zag tail. Salem View Details
10/22/2018 Cat Isabella is a very friendly calico cat. She has a thick coat and is a just a bit overweight. She was last seen near home on Forest Road (near Virginia Western) on Monday Oct 22. Please help us find her - she is missed. Roanoke Yes View Details
10/19/2018 Cat Long hair, ash gray with hints of light brown. No specific markings. She almost looks like mainecoon cat but not as big. She responded to Nala. Intersecrion of Mt. Chestnut Rd, Roselawn and Sugaloaf Mountain. View Details
10/19/2018 German Shepherd Dog Bear is mostly black with tan on her legs. 11 months old and around 80 lbs. She is,incredibly sweet and knows no stranger. Old Field Rd,Merriman Way, Rt 666 in Moneta Va View Details
10/19/2018 German Shepherd Dog Bear is mostly black with tan on her legs. 11 months old and around 80 lbs. She is,incredibly sweet and knows no stranger. Old Field Rd,Merriman Way, Rt 666 in Moneta Va View Details
10/19/2018 Domestic short hair cat Black with one small white spot ROANOKE 7167 Bent Mt Road View Details
10/18/2018 Chocolate lab/pitbull Chocolate color dog has a pitbull face and lab body.he was lost on Jordantown rd in Thaxton. Thaxton Yes View Details
10/18/2018 Heeler Blue heeler- names Bo- very friendly Springwood, Va Yes View Details
10/18/2018 Cat Large black/white cat. Tuxedo markings with white feet - will answer to "Norman". Our whole family is missing him so much. He's been neutered and micro-chipped. Salem area; near Longwood Park. View Details
10/18/2018 Shepherd Brown with brown on her legs, 11 1/2 months old, super friendly, her name is Bear. She is microchipped. Old field rd Moneta Va Yes View Details
10/18/2018 Domestic Long Hair Cat Large long haired black and white cat; with tuxedo markings missing from our home in Salem (near Longwood Park). He's super sweet and will answer to "Norman". Loves tuna, or wet cat food. He's a huge, huge part of our family and we really want him home. Salem, VA near Longwood Park View Details
10/17/2018 Cats Two tuxedos cats black and white with white feet went missing together. Just moved into the area and they got out. One male with black and white collar answers to Jon. One female with black and white collar answers to Jenny. Catawba Valley Dr/311 View Details
10/14/2018 Pug Dolly is a 5 year old pug, approx. 10 pounds, with on eye and she is microchipped. Very friendly. Last seen in back yard in Vinton off of 24. Any informationis appreciated. Vinton Yes View Details
10/14/2018 Medium brown hound mix Light brown medium sized dog, tree broke down fence and he left yard. Parkview Drive, Blue Ridge View Details
10/14/2018 Goldendoodle Two female goldendoodle names are Belle and Minnie, one is all black the other is black and white. Woodview Rd Yes View Details
10/13/2018 Chihuahua His name is fatty boy we just moved and he must have gotten out of the gate I live in southwest and he might have went back to South east we are really worried about him is 5 years old 2320 orange Ave NW View Details
10/13/2018 Cat Black and white small cat. Very friendly. About 2 years old. Old Southwest Roanoke. Off of Woods Ave 632 Woods Ave Yes View Details
10/13/2018 Golden Retriever Young, intact male. Microchipped. Ravenwood Ave by Huff Lane Park area Yes View Details
10/12/2018 Hound/Beagle Mostly White body female hound/beagle mix with black face and black and tan spots. Wearing a drawstring type harness. No collar. Her name is Millie but she is very skiddish and may hide. Gun Club Road/ Melrose Northwest Roanoke Yes View Details
10/11/2018 German Shepherd Dog MISSING - Female German Shepherd Dog mostly solid BLACK w/slight tan/silver on her legs and along the fluff of the underside of her tail. (Oldfield Rd & Merriman Way Rd Westlake Corner, VA) She was wearing collar, tags, and is microchipped. Please Contact with any information: 540-420-3717 or 540-263-8062. Oldfield Rd & Merriman Way Rd, Westlake Corner, VA Yes View Details
10/09/2018 Dog Medium boxer mix with short tan fur, floppy ears, and a white spot on chest with a black collar. Rockland Ave NW and 10th St NW Yes View Details
10/08/2018 Cat 2 year old calico. Spayed, has shots. Always stays in the yard when she goes out. Constructions crews were outside while we were at work and we think they scared her. Either that, or someone took her. Answers to Scorch. Very soft and very loved. We have asked immediate neighbors with no luck and searched the wooded area as well. Just past crowel gap road down 220S roanoke County Yes View Details
10/07/2018 Dog Hound mix, 60 lbs, brown and white Wal-Mart neightborhood market on Plantation Yes View Details
10/06/2018 Cat Short haired neutered male tabby cat. Not an outside cat. Declawed in front. Very friendly but quiet and fast (slipped outside) Requires special diet food Factory street. Fincastle VA Yes View Details
10/06/2018 cat Very sweet and friendly 2 year old neutered male brown-black striped tabby. Has a very thin white stripe down chest between front legs. Declawed. Grandma let him out and didn't tell anyone. Daughter is VERY upset and heartbroken. REWARD. REWARD Factory Street, Fincastle which is between the Dollar General and Leonardo's pizza View Details
10/03/2018 mixed chihuahua brown with white neck and chest vinton cleveland ave View Details
10/02/2018 Cat-Bengal Our baby's name is Jengand he's approx 10+ yes old. Has a chip, but never registered it. We got him in late 07 or early 08 from the RCACP. He's very shy and afraid of everything, he will not come up to you. He's old and has medical issues. Most notably, he's had two ear surgeries that did not heal properly, so his ears lay down. We are searching frantically. Woodbury St Nw, Roanoke 24012 View Details
10/02/2018 Black Lab Black Lab 98 pounds. very friendly. Been missing since 10 am. We live in Carvins Cove. Not far off 311 AKA Catawba Valley Drive salem/ roanoke county View Details
10/02/2018 Black lab Black lab Missing from Noel Rd/Mt.Moriah Rd Eagle Rock View Details
09/30/2018 Persian Blonde longhair persian with orange eyes. Hanging Rock in Salem View Details
09/29/2018 Orange Tabby his name is Oliver and he will come to "Ollie" he is a very sweet orange tabby. he loves belly rubs and all of the attention. He needs to come home ASAP as he has a number of medical conditions that are potentially life threatening. he has no claws in his front paws and a very raspy meow. crescent blvd. cave spring View Details
09/27/2018 Golden Retriever Very friendly, home address near mill creek baptist church FINCASTLE View Details
09/27/2018 Standard poodle Black service dog in the vicinity of Old Country Club Road Northwest and Linwood Villa Heights area of Roanoke area code 24017 he is a very friendly animal we need my son needs him for medical and physical reasons he's a disabled vet Name is Samson Old Country Club Road Northwest and Linwood Villa Heights Roanoke View Details
09/27/2018 Dog Spayed female, Hound-Beagle mix, white with small brown spots. Answers to Jill. Escaped from fenced yard around 3:30 pm on September 27, 2018. 5524 Capito St. Roanoke, VA 24019 Yes View Details
09/27/2018 Dog Spayed female; Hound-Beagle mix; White with brown ears and small brown spots on body. Escaped from fence approximately 3:30 pm on September 27, 2018. 5524 Capito St. Roanoke Yes View Details
09/26/2018 Dog Brindle color, about 60 lbs. very friendly but also skiddish... he might bark a lot, but is scared of other dogs he doesnâ??t know. 3109 birchlawn ave. Nw Roanoke va 24012 Yes View Details
09/26/2018 Cat Tabby, older cat around 13 years old, he is chipped, missing a couple of teeth Norwich / Virginia Heights View Details
09/25/2018 Gray striped tabbie Gray striped tabbie with green eyes. He has white feet. He is a large cat that weighs about 20 pounds. He does no5 like being picked up and held by any person. He loves food and he is a nice cat. He is chipped and he is 4 years old 3123 64th Ave Oakland California Yes View Details
09/24/2018 Golden Retriever/ Corgi mix Golden Retriever color/ black streak on tail. Short corgi legs. Answers to Maggie, very friendly Mulberry St and Piedmont street Salem va 24153 View Details
09/24/2018 Beagle Beagal, about 4 years of age in age. Lost in Southwest Roanoke co. His name is Toby and he got out of his harness and collar Southwest Roanoke co View Details
09/23/2018 Cat Grey and white cat. He has black stripes in his grey. His name is Chaos. Salem View Details
09/23/2018 Beagle/Dachshund Mix Is microchipped: 981020027419784; answers to Rosie, is about 7 months old. Copper brown with white stripe on chest, and black tip of tail. Recently spayed, so you can still see her shaved belly and tattoo. She escaped unnoticed from back yard. Grandin Village, around 2000 block of Maiden Ln SW Yes View Details
09/23/2018 Orange and white longhair Orange and white cat with her left front paw not working. She is friendly but probably stays hiding under bushes or houses. She should be around the SW roanoke area near the corner of broadway and Longview. SW ROANOKE Yes View Details
09/23/2018 Cat White and grey with black stripes in the grey. Roanoke 10th street near Hollins View Details
09/23/2018 Dog Male older beagle, has blue tick coloring on chest, was wearing an orange collar. mm 157 on the parkway in roanoke Yes View Details
09/22/2018 Kitten Black kitten, white paws, white chest, white face Downtown Roanoke near transportation museum View Details
09/21/2018 Cat He's white with black stripes in his grey. Hollins area around 10th st Yes View Details
09/21/2018 Pitbull Layla is a year old about 48 lbs. She is a pink nose brindle. Ears normally perked and tail is tucked under her. She is very skiddish due to abuse from prior owner. Willowbrook rd. Roanoke 24012 View Details
09/19/2018 DOG White and black similar to a border collie. Medium size. Last seen around 7 am. from the Chestnut Mountain neighborhood in Vinton. Yes View Details
09/19/2018 Cat Fat black and white (tuxedo) male cat with a half white mustache missing in the Orchards, behind the Bonsack Wal-Mart. His name is Pumpkin, lil over 3 yrs old. He weighs about 17 lbs...he is fat, sassy and sweet. Pumpkin is an indoor/outdoor cat...prefers to be outside but WILL NOT wear a collar. He has never stayed gone over night...:( Roanoke/Botetourt/Bonsack area Yes View Details
09/19/2018 Feline She is a indoor cat she is about 4 to 5 years old and she is very small built She is black and white She has a skin condition (loosing her hair) do to fleas She does have a mark on her belly (magic marker) Maple Grove Apartments 1127 Pilot Street N.W apt#4 Roanoke,Va. 24017 Yes View Details
09/18/2018 Husky/German Shepherd Husky and Sheppard mix. Very friendly and will approach people happily. Shenandoah around Wilson MKT and nu deli area. Old Stevens rd View Details
09/17/2018 Dog Small black chihuahua mix. About 15 lbs. Bald neck and armpits. Christiansburg, near the McDonalds View Details
09/16/2018 Dog Rocky is a boxer pit mix, he is tan with a white belly and paws. He is great with people but doesnâ??t get along with other dogs. Hollins area near Walrond park in Roanoke VA Yes View Details
09/14/2018 Cat Siamese, answers to Arya. Slightly cross-eyed. Senior cat, a little overweight. Arthritis makes her walk like a raccoon - arching her back, walking quickly and laying down again. She has blue eyes and a dark face with a greying muzzle. She is the sweetest. $200.00 dollar reward for her recovery. Lost on Texas Hollow Rd. near Glenvar area in Salem. Salem, VA View Details
09/13/2018 Cat Back and white tuxedo cat, approx 6lbs. Bumps on ears and nose from allergies. Chipped but always removes collar so likely not wearing. Salem VA, near duck pond View Details
09/13/2018 Dog White with brindle patches and brown spots Melrose Roanoke Virginia Yes View Details
09/13/2018 Miniature Poodle Pure white coloring, weighs around 25 lbs. Name Buddy. Very friendly, slightly overweight. Dug out from under fence so paws should be very muddy. 120 Maplelawn Ave NE. Roanoke, VA 24012 Yes View Details
09/12/2018 Australian Shepherd Midsize austrailian shepherd, in heat, skittish, her name is Luna. She has gotten out of her collar before, but was wearing it as of the morning of 9/12/2018 Pine Forest Rd./ Copper Hill Rd/ Rte 221 in Floyd County VA, near the Roanoke County line Yes View Details
09/12/2018 Dog Boarder collie bulldog mix. Neutered. 9 months old. Goes by Jack. Previously sushi at spca. Black and white. Hollins. Daytona td View Details
09/11/2018 Yorkie My Dad lives in North Carolina and was here visiting. Molly went to use bathroom and was gone in less then 3 mins . One of here ears flop over . New castle View Details
09/10/2018 Chihuahua mix Tan and gray female chihuahua. 10 years old with a â??brokenâ?? ear that flops sometimes and a hernia on her stomach. Last seen 9/10/18 at 9:30 pm. She was wearing a pink collar with a tag that says Peanut and lists two phone numbers that are incorrect. Crossroads Edison St and Fugate Rd, off of Williamson Rd behind 7/11 Yes View Details
09/10/2018 Chihuahua 10 year old female chihuahua mix. She is light tan and gray with black in her tail. Last seen Monday 9/10/18 on the cross streets of Edison St and Fugate Rd off of Williamson Rd in Roanoke, 24012. She was wearing a collar with tags that list her name, Peanut, and 2 phone numbers which are incorrect. She has a â??brokenâ?? ear that flops and a hernia on her stomach. Crossroads Edison St and Fugate Rd off of Williamson Rd Roanoke 24012 Yes View Details
09/09/2018 Chihuahua brown, wirery fur, white stripe like a mohawk on the top of her head, she also has a tattoo on her belly, used for tracking and keeping track of dogs before the chip became available. Lost in the Williamson Road at Pancake House Motel Yes View Details
09/08/2018 Dog My beagle "cooper" followed another dog off Saturday morning. He hasn't returned yet. We live near Glenvar high school. He is black and brown and a bit over weight. Wonderful disposition. Salem (Glenvar) View Details
09/07/2018 Sphynx cat Hairless Sphynx cat 175 Orchard dr. Daleville Va.24084 Yes View Details
09/06/2018 Cat Her name is Boots sheâ??s black and white with a bobbed tail. She is very sweet but can als be very timid in new surroundings. Is an indoor cat and escaped when the back door wasn't shut all the way. She usually answers to when called. Cave Spring area of Roanoke County View Details
09/05/2018 Pittbull/ hound mix 9 month old male Black and White pit mix and a year and a half female tan and White pit mix FINCASTLE Yes View Details
09/04/2018 Cat Indoor cat named Tipper snuck out of the house, is extremely scared and disoriented outside. She is Grey, Black, Tan, and White Tabby. She does have a microchip but it has never been registered yet I have the number of the chip. Last spotted Wed 09/05/2018 around 3PM near home, has not been seen since. 3502 Yellow Mountain Rd. Roanoke VA 24014 Yes View Details
09/03/2018 Cat Young cat. Long grey fur with white chest and paws. Very sweet and loves cuddles. She used to live in Salem so we worry she may try to trek all the way back. We just got her from a friend and miss her very much. Near Fishburn Park Yes View Details
09/03/2018 Kitten Black and white kitten about 4 months old Garden city area 24014 Yes View Details
09/02/2018 Cat Finn is an indoor/outdoor cat. Very loving with beautiful markings. 2.5 years old. 11024 Rocky Road Bent Mountain VA 24059 View Details
08/31/2018 Cat Gray and Black table. Marbled looking. Very friendly and probably scared. I think he has a microchip but itâ??s not registered to anyone. Not an outdoor cat. Roanoke View Details
08/31/2018 Golden retreiver & border coll 3 yr. old goes by Holly Red collar has Montgomery County tag and an id tag with her name HOLLY and a number if found Also with a 6 year old black border collie/australian shepherd goes by Jill. Red collar with Montgomery County tag and an id tag with JILL and anim er to contact. They went missing from our house on Friday 8/31 in Blacksburg. VA on Oilwell Road in the Merrimac area. Oilwell Road in Blacksburg/Montgomery County. Merrimac area. View Details
08/31/2018 Husky Two huskies missing since yesterday around 4pm. 1 male 1 female. 7&6 years old. One has an orange collar the other a camouflage collar. Male has blue eyes female brown eyes. Have micro chips. Were just adopted from the humane society in Rocky Mount yesterday. Escaped while I was going to get dog food. Very friendly. In Garden City area. 1 mile south of Garden City off of Yellow Mt. Road View Details
08/31/2018 Cat My indoor cat snuck out sometime yesterday. He is not used to being outside. He is medium long haired, solid black with yellow eyes. About 6 years old. View Details
08/31/2018 Border Collie Our Border Collie ran off last night. She is 16, so very old. She can't see or hear well. Her back hips have dysplasia, so she is going on adrenalin after an 8 hour car ride from NY to visit family. So, she does not know area. We are worried. Grandview Ave NW, north west Roanoke Yes View Details
08/30/2018 Tabby Cat He is extremely friendly, and talkative. He will not stop talking until you give him love, he does this one really long meoe when he's really desperate for attention and sometimes squeaks when he yawns. 802 Day Avenue SW View Details
08/27/2018 Cast Brown tabby cat, slightly overweight, very loud. He went missing yesterday and is not an "outdoor cat". He is microchipped and it might be registered under his shelter name, Hoyt, or by his real name, Tibalt. He's about 1 year old. Roanoke near Plantation Ave and Columbia Street View Details
08/26/2018 Cat Missing Grey Adult cat with nick on right ear. Went missing from Winona Ave (Wasena) Roanoke Yes View Details
08/24/2018 Cat 26 pound neutered cat. Calico. medium to long hair. Is an in door cat with no street sence. We received a message from a private individual that a similar cat was picked up. I am not seeing anything in the found pet list. 2155 Broadway Ave SW Yes View Details
08/24/2018 Cat Bailey is large, ~26lbs. White/black/grey. Declawed front paws and fixed. Southwest Roanoke, near the Riverâ??s Edge Sports Complex area. Yes View Details
08/20/2018 Dog He's white grey and black spots into the name of Oreo and little beige Wise ave se View Details
08/19/2018 Rednose pit bull Answers to Bane Ordway dr. 24017 View Details
08/19/2018 dog Long hair miniature dachshund goes by the name of Lucy. She's 15 and moves pretty slow on short little legs. Primarily dark brown with white on her neck. She is timid if approached and typically rolls to her back. Last seen in Hidden Valley Forest in Salem Sunday afternoon August 19. Hidden Valley Forest in Salem - so West Club area as well as Hidden Valley Country Club View Details
08/18/2018 Dog Blue pitbull, red nose. White spot right on her neck. White toes. Her ears are not docked. Her tail is not docked. Puppy age. Very stocky and muscular. Very sweet and well mannered. Answers to the name Belle. Near Greenhurst Avenue 1000th block near 10th street, Roanoke, VA Yes View Details
08/15/2018 Dog Large Blue Brindle Pit Bull. Appr.90lbs huge head with a longer nose thne most pits his size. May be shy at first but is very friendly to humans and other dogs. Responds to "Smokey". He has a dirty grey/brown color all over except his belly which is white.he will be 3 in November, so he still has a fairly young looking face. Wilmont area/ Shanandoah ave/ Salem turnpike. Possiblity could have streyed into Salem near the VA, or even Lakeside drive. View Details
08/12/2018 Dog Older medium size female black lab with graying around face. Very skinny & timid. Franklin County, VA near Callaway/Boones Mill View Details
08/12/2018 Cat VERY FRIENDLY , Black/Gray Fur, No Tail, Crinkled Ear Azalea Rd, Daleville,Va Neighborhood behind Lord Botetourt High School Yes View Details
08/11/2018 Dog - Chow Chow Mix White dog, tan ears, tan spot above tail, very skittish and afraid due to his previous situation before adoption, a lot of people say he looks like a lamb. He is microchipped. View Details
08/10/2018 Cat All black cat. No white or other colors whatsoever. Yellowish eyes. Cat is an adult but is the size of a small adult almost looks like a juvenile due to smaller adult size and high pitch "meow". Cat is slender but has a small "pooch" from being fixed. Pretty skittish of people and animals. May respond to the name "Polly" Lost around my house at 5169 sierra cross way. Closest major st is Crestmore and a hundred or 2 hundred yards away from Mission ave. My house is at the base of mt. Roubidoux opposite side as downtown Riverside. Yes View Details
08/09/2018 dog Black and white Walker Hound. Female. approx. 50 pounds. Friendly. Stubborn. approx. 8 years old. Memorial Ave./Chesterfield, Grandin Theatre area, Roanoke Yes View Details
08/06/2018 Cat One eyed, brown, long hair tabby, snuck outside View Details
08/05/2018 Great Dane Lab mux "Firgiss", charcoal brown, neutered male, micro-chipped, no collar. Owner lives in Atlanta, GA Peak St., Bedford, Va View Details
08/04/2018 cat Light yellow cat with yellow/green eyes. His left eye leaks. He goes by the name "Swoop", he is super friendly but does still have his claws! 622 Woods Ave SW, Roanoke, VA 24016 Yes View Details
08/04/2018 cat Swoop is a 7 year old light yellow cat with yellow/green eyes. His left eye leaks. He is friendly and has his claws. He is microchipped. 622 woods avenue SW, Roanoke, VA 24016 Yes View Details
08/04/2018 cat Light yellow cat with faint markings! He has yellow/green eyes and his L eye leaks. He goes by "Swoop" and is very friendly! Still has his claws! 622 Woods Ave SW Roanoke VA 24016 Yes View Details
08/01/2018 Maltese Poodle hes has black curly hair with a white patch on his chin and hes very friendly loves to dnace and bounce on his hind legs he answers to Benz or Benzy Roanoke Peters creek rd and Heurshberger intersection Yes View Details
07/29/2018 Chihuahua Black with brown on her chest and face. Her name is Addie, she is sweet little girl will go to anyone. 1531 8th SE Roanoke va 24013 Yes View Details
07/29/2018 Cat White calico cat with black and tan markings in the middle of her back. Tail is black and tan stripped. Face is mostly white with a tan spot over her right eye and black markings in front of both ears, on nose and chin. Near Patrick Henry High School Yes View Details
07/28/2018 While Golden Retriever Two white golden retriever dogs, same breed, same colored females. Missing from home. One is pregnant and close to due date, about 70 lbs. Around Walnut Manor Dr., Blacksburg Rd., Fincastle View Details
07/27/2018 Cat Black short haired named Pete but goes by nickname Kit. Chip number 982000362009330. 6309 Otter Park Court, Roanoke, VA 24018 Yes View Details
07/27/2018 Rat terrier Black and white lost in the North Lakes subdivision area North Lake area Roanoke Yes View Details
07/27/2018 Yorkie Yorkie Gala dr. Has been seen on Huntridge, east ruritan, plantation grove. View Details
07/27/2018 Cat Black short hair, green and yellow eyes, about 3 or 4 years old. Very timid. 6309 Otter park court, Roanoke Virginia. 24018 Yes View Details
07/26/2018 Feline 2 year old grey tabby, spayed and micro chipped. Shy sweet and very vocal 1889 West Ruritan Rd 24012 Yes View Details
07/26/2018 Cat She is a light brown cat, full grown but very small. Roanoke View Details
07/25/2018 Cat Patches, a tortoise-shell tabby, has returned. She seems to be settling in. Thank you for keeping a lookout for her. Oak Grove Yes View Details
07/25/2018 dog Multi color/sable and white Sheltie. Looks like a miniature collie. Her name is Heather. She ran off chasing a deer on Wednesday evening, This is a therapy dog. Stewartsville/Goodview area View Details
07/25/2018 Pitbull Male, black and white. answers to Chico. Last seen on Rutrough rd, very friendly roanoke, Virginia RUTROUGH RD Yes View Details
07/23/2018 Pitt bull/ Rottweiler Black with white chest and white on his paws had a red undertone on his head. Very playful will answer to duke and may want you to chase him at first. Oakland Blvd nw dig under fence to get out. View Details
07/19/2018 cat Grey cat with white paws and white chest. He is 12 yrs. old. His name is Curly. Mountain View Rd. Area, Vinton, VA Yes View Details

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Jul 3 - Independence Day (observed)

Sep 7 - Labor Day

Nov 11 - Veteran's Day (floating)

Nov 26 - Thanksgiving Day

Nov 27 - Day after Thanksgiving

Dec 24 - Christmas Eve

Dec 25 - Christmas Day