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Please check our Found Pet List to see if your pet matches any of the pets reported there. If the pet has not been reported on our Found Pet List please add the pet to our Lost Pet List.

Date Species Description Location Lost Image Details
01/22/2019 Cat Tabby Parkview Drive- Botetourt County View Details
01/17/2019 canine black & Tan Miniature Pincher 913 4th st. SW Roanoke, City, Va View Details
01/15/2019 Husky he is friendly and loves attention 10th and Rockland ave, Nw View Details
01/13/2019 Dog Roanoke county , Forest Acre Trail and Bradshaw rd. Yes View Details
01/12/2019 Beagle Mix very shy will not come to you her name is Stella Troutville View Details
01/11/2019 Cat Looks like a lost kitten in my friends neighborhood in Botetourt County on the road near the train tracks go towards the post office and cloverdale elementary Botetourt County View Details
01/11/2019 Cat Clover, DSH, Dilute Tortoiseshell, 1yr, approx. 10lbs, semi feral (fearful), mild CH causing imbalance issues 1517 Lexington Ave Yes View Details
01/10/2019 Lab border collie mix Microchipped. Unsure if its registered. Adopted from frankln county humane society. Very sweet . Non ageessive . Good with other dogs and children. Comes to BELLA. Very fast funner. Ray rd roanoke va Yes View Details
01/10/2019 Dachshund - Long Hair (Blond) Blond Long-haired mini dachshund - Escaped from my back yard today at approximately 1pm. Was last seen at the intersection of Caldwell Dr NW and the Lynchburg/Salem Turnpike. Collar is brown and has a riveted tag on it that says Brodie and has the phone number 434-907-8439 on it. He is 12 years old and his 937 Caldwell Dr NW
Roanoke, VA 24017
Yes View Details
01/08/2019 Great Dane and Rhodesian ridge Two dogs Great Dane 1 year old black with a little white under neck
Rhodesian ridge back Tan with black line on back
1930 Underhill Ave in woods View Details
01/08/2019 domestic short hair Microchip # 981020021080102
age about 3
Willow has just been given a new home in Garden City, Roanoke. He was there one night and day, very happy - but he sneaked outside in the evening and it is now the next day and he hasn't returned. He has done this before and returned, happy and hungry but I am concerned because he is at a new location.
Willow is super friendly, sweet and energetic. He is warm towards all people and is ok with dogs after a short introduction. He is fine with other cats after a few days. Loves to roam outside. He has a croaky voice. He has never been aggressive to people. He has some condition that can't be cured, makes him sound congested. It varies in prominence over time periods. He is up to date with vaccines. Is Felv/FIV negative and weighs about 15 lbs. He is very flexible and adaptable.
2240 Mount Pleasant Boulevard, ROANOKE VA 24014 Yes View Details
01/08/2019 Cat Maine Coon grey fuzzy cat. Only 6 months old. She has microchip. Her name is Ethel. Super sweet!!! Super fuzzy!!! All four paws are white. Roanoke- Vivian ave 24019- hollins area Yes View Details
01/06/2019 Cat Her names wigwom, shes grey super fuzzy and is very sweet and playful. She has big bold eyes, shes beautiful. Shes never been outaide before and she just recently got out. Roanoke va nw View Details
01/05/2019 Cat light blond, short hair tabby just over a year old. He has wight fur on his chest, feet, and tail. His name is Little Man. His Tail looks kind of fluffy. He is shy but sweet. Melrose Ave Roanoke Virginia View Details
01/04/2019 Dog Brown hound mix. About 4 years old. Approximately 50 pounds. Got out of a hole in the fence and snagged his collar on the fence and lost it. Got out about 7:30 am Jan. 4. Has microchip. Chesterton Street - Deyerle neighborhood View Details
01/04/2019 Cat Very old, sweet orange tabby cat named Orange. He has only a few teeth and some eye issues. He is quite overweight and is an indoor only cat. If found, please take him inside and contact us. Thank you! 1833 Avon rd Yes View Details
01/04/2019 Shiba Inu My Shiba Inu was missing on Jan. 04 early morning in Blacksburg. He is about 27lb, a 2 year old yellow Shiba with curl tail. He has a tag when missing, also microchipped. Knollwood Blacksburg. Yes View Details
01/03/2019 cat Fred is a ten year old cat and about fourteen pounds and is tortoise in color. She also has a big patch of hair missing down her back and both ears are folded down 5146 Hildebrand road near Williamson road View Details
01/01/2019 Dog Spring Rd near Grandin Court Elementary Yes View Details
01/01/2019 Dog 35 lb Black and Tan coonhound. People and dog friendly. Name is Ginny. Approximately 2 years old Peters Creek Road/Nover/Archcrest Drive View Details

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