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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
06/22/2018 Canine Terrier mix, spayed female, recently groomed, 30-35 pounds, brown with black ears and tail, mass on right side, super sweet. 1211 Trevino Dr NE Roanoke 24019 Yes View Details
06/22/2018 Cat Brindle like markings brown and black with white on chest, face, and paws. Young in age. Roanoke View Details
06/10/2018 dog Reddish/Brown Dog w/ white on chest/neck and top of paws and some on nose. Looks to be hound/pit mix, about 5-60 pounds and 22-25 in tall. North Roanoke Scarlet Oak Dr. 24019 Yes View Details
06/08/2018 dog No tags; friendly female dog; seems young; very active Maiden Lane, Roanoke View Details
06/08/2018 dog Yellow lab, very sweet; young - very active and strong Maiden Lane, Roanoke
View Details
06/06/2018 Cat Tortie adopted us by showing up on our back deck. 6-8 years old according to our vet, not chipped. Plantation grove neighborhood. Dresden circle View Details
05/30/2018 Mixed-black lab/border collie? Medium build, 40-50 pounds, short mostly black hair, white tip on tail
all 4 paws have some white, front left is half white with black spots, white on center of forehead to nose and under the lower jaw down to the chest, hazel eyes
Not microchipped, still a puppy maybe
Cambridge Ave. SW 24015 View Details
05/27/2018 Dog Hound Mix Very Large Puppy Roanoke View Details
05/23/2018 Dogs Found two dogs on Lovers Lane in Vinton/Bedford County. Both are intact males. They were running together. It's an older gold coloedr one and a young black one. I think the older one may have a bit of trouble seeing well. I believe the black one is a lab mix and the older one is a hound mix. Vinton Yes View Details
05/23/2018 Cat Black cat with a speck of white near his bottom of nose and white chest, white paws,very vocal, sweet friendly.wants to come inside and be loved on. North lakes View Details
05/22/2018 Maybe a puggle Brown small dog with white fur on legs, was found on corner of Charring Cross and Bower in Cave Spring. He is people friendly, calm, quiet, and likes riding in cars. Found at 6pm on 5/22. Corner of Charring Cross and Bower rd. In Roanoke County. Yes View Details
05/20/2018 Collie Large Black Collie/mix, older dog with white feet, lump on side Botetourt County one McFarland Rd View Details
05/20/2018 dog small tan neutered male scnauzer goodman rd near garden city View Details
05/10/2018 Dog Small older female dog cream colored and white Danville Virginia Terry's Mill Rd of Meadows of Danville Yes View Details
05/06/2018 Pitt mix She seems to be a pitt mix. She is yellow white color. i would say maybe around 40 pounds maybe a bit more. FOund her on my front door, freshly bathed on hIghland ave SW near the park. SW Highland Ave Roanoke va 24016. Yes View Details
05/01/2018 Cat Brownish gray tabby with white facial markings and paws. Very sweet and probably spayed. Loves attention from humans.

First seen around May 1st, but may have been wandering before then.
Blue Ridge, off 460 near Heatherstone sub-division Yes View Details
04/27/2018 Dog Brown and white Australian shepherd mix. Older girl, collar but not microchipped. Shingle Ridge Road area, roanoke, va View Details
04/19/2018 Dog German Shepard mix. Not fixed. Grey, white, and black. Appears to be young might have had puppies. Had harness no name tag. Roanoke City View Details
04/18/2018 American Bulldog Light tan, big boy, very friendly, well mannered. Meleose Area View Details
04/17/2018 Pitbull Friendly, not overly hungry, yearning to get out of y basement. Highland Rd SE near Explore Park Yes View Details
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