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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
10/30/2017 BLACK KITTEN Not micro-chipped. Not full grown, appears healthy. Assume it climbed in my engine compartment at The Locker Room Lofts at Church and 5th. Found meowing at Towers shopping center. Yes View Details
10/25/2017 Cat Adult calico is eating from dumpsters at shopping area on Dr 220. She may have a collar on-couldn't get close enough to be certain. Body is mostly white, orange and black spots on head and tail and a few on back. Rd 220 SW Roanoke near Outback View Details
10/25/2017 Cat Found this Sweet Tabby Male cat on 600 block of Walnut ave.SE It was cold and hungry so we have been feeding and keeping it inside. Cat is very tame and gets along well with other Cats and Dogs. The Cat is Male 10-12 months old, Neutered and was not Micro chipped. We have 6 rescues already so we cannot keep this cat. 600 Block Walnut ave. SE Heading to the Mill Mtn Star Yes View Details
10/25/2017 Cat Found a very sweet male Tabby cat on the 600 block of Walnut ave SE Heading to the Mill. Mtn Star. Cat has been staying with us since 10-25. Very tame male tabby about 9 months old. Cat has been neutered and no microchip. Cat gets along with our cats and dogs well. We have 6 Rescues and do not need anymore. 600 block of Walnut ave SE Yes View Details
10/22/2017 Dog Possibly a shitzu found in Catawba near keffer rd. Yes View Details
10/15/2017 Dog I think he's a min pin, but I'm not entirely sure. He's probably about 5lbs and black with brown markings on his face and legs. He looks like a puppy. I took him to Roanoke animal hospital where he was scanned for a chip. They said his name is Hurk and they are sending my information to the owner. Brandywine apartments/towers area Roanoke va View Details
10/11/2017 dog two small terrier type dogs found traveling together in cave spring area, one brown, one black & brown, wet but safe. no collars, no chips cave spring area, crystal creek drive Yes View Details
10/11/2017 Dog Very Sweet Beagle. Covered in poop. We bathed him! Alley between 5th and Allison Ave in Old Southwest Yes View Details
10/08/2017 Cat Young loving cat found near Montery Golf Course. Johnsbury Court Roanoke Va. 24019 View Details
10/06/2017 Canine Ran in front of my van on 16th and Kenwood st in SE. around 10:30am 16th and Kenwood ave se View Details
10/06/2017 Yorkie Found trailing his leash. Brown Highland Park, Roanoke Old Southwest View Details
10/04/2017 Pit Sweet reddish brown female pit. Cove rd Roanoke county View Details
10/04/2017 Orange tabby Orange tabby has been hanging around my front door. My cats would stare at this little cat. He goes to my daughter. Just loves her. Not afraid of her. 3418 Fleetwood Avenue at Welletta View Details
10/03/2017 Lab/Viszla mix Found my dog Sadie hiding in the front bushes
She has severe acute neuropathy
and doesn't want to be touched
My front bushes View Details
10/02/2017 Dog Black & brown face
Well behaved
Walks & sits
Around 1500/1600 block of Melrose Ave NW roanoke View Details
10/02/2017 Tortoise shell cat Appears healthy and well cared for, just began staying around our home. SE Roanoke near Roanoke Memorial Hospital Yes View Details
09/30/2017 Feline Black and white male cat with tuxedo like coloring. He still has front claws and does not have a collar. Very friendly and personable. NW Roanoke Yes View Details
09/29/2017 Beagle Puppy, full of live. Want to run, jump and play!
Brown and white.
Mountain Pass Rd & Old Mine Rd. View Details
09/29/2017 Dog Mut, Mixed coloured large adult dog.
Gentle but shy.
Tag says " Pet & Vet" Roanoke 540 904 2229 2017
Mountain Pass Rd & Old Mine Rd. View Details
09/28/2017 Cat Gray/ white tabby. About 7 months old. Very friendly. View Details
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