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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
01/07/2017 rottweiller mixed Came into our yard for the upper part of the neighborhood of GlenCove Subdivision.
likely from cove road, north lakes or wood have road area. Cannot find its way back due to the snow. Very sweet temprament.
Yes View Details
01/07/2017 Rottweiller mixed found in glen cove subdivision, tracks come in to our yard from up in the neighborhood, or towards north lakes, have not seen anyone looking for a dog we have watched. He is sweet and whines for his home.
Our dog will not allow him to eat so i am worried about him.
glen cove subdivision Yes View Details
12/31/2016 Dog Yorkie/Yorkie mix Morehead AVe SE View Details
12/29/2016 Dog Saw a yellow lab or yellow lab mix on Plantation near THurston Ave. The dog seemed to be wearing a collar possibly brown. He was standing in front of an abandon brick building next to the trucking companies. They took off when I call to them and into the parking lot of a building that isn't used. Thought someone who owned him/her might want to know. View Details
12/25/2016 Dog Black with a bit of brindle. Still young with a lot of energy. He is friendly and gets along with small children and other dogs. 5480 12 O'Clock Knob Road, Roanoke, VA 24018 (Middle of the road) Yes View Details
12/22/2016 Cat Gray with some white, long haired female cat. Not sure if she is spayed. Very thin and hungry. Sweet temperament with people. Not very good yet with other animals. Does not appear to be a start. She has been outside for a little while, but I believe she was someone's pet at some point. Off of Peters Creek Road, beside Rick Woodson Honda. View Details
12/17/2016 Large lab mix Large male lab maybe mixed with Dane. Very sweet and well mannered. Found him running the streets. Jumped right into my car. He is safe with us until an owner can claim him. Corner of Verndale and Oakland in neighborhood between Plantation and Florist. View Details
12/15/2016 Beagle Friendly beagle, well cared for Greenway Dr, Brookside Townhomes, North Roanoke County Yes View Details
12/10/2016 2 dachshunds 2 dachshunds near morningside park. Morningside park View Details
12/09/2016 Dog Medium size, neutered male, terrier type with gray/black wiry coat. Wasena neighborhood in SW Roanoke City; intersection of Hamilton and Kerns Avenue. View Details
12/03/2016 Not sure Found big black dog on my door not sure what the breed is he was very friendly probably weighed 50 lbs or more Green ridge Rd NW Roanoke VA Yes View Details
12/03/2016 Tabby I found this kitten on a neighbors porch around 9pm last night (does not belong to neighbor). It was walking around crying. Very friendly and playful. I haven't seen any fleas. She is not afraid of my German shepherd but my other cat scares her (my other cat is mean though). 600 Block of Woods Ave SW, Roanoke City View Details
12/03/2016 cat very small kitten located in my woods. I believe it is a female. black/grey tabby with orange patches and white feet and underside. Probably 6-8 weeks old. Very sweet--has definitely had human interaction. Looks like older puncture wound on cheek and nose. Does not appear infected. area of 2649 Garden City Blvd in Roanoke City Yes View Details
12/02/2016 Cat Orange young adult male tabby. Neutered. No collar or microchip. Rec Center, Christiansburg, VA Yes View Details
12/01/2016 collie mix sweet dog found wandering on highland drive, we think its a female. tan and white fur, weight around 30-35 LBS. Found 12/1 around 9:00 am Highland Manor near Sanderson, zip code 24019 Yes View Details
12/01/2016 Cat Tuxedo colors no collar no tags has claws 16 to 20 months old Raleigh court park area and colonial apts View Details
11/30/2016 chihuahua mix chihuahua mix, brindle with white long legs, blue collar, no identification tag, male, not neutered, skinny Roanoke County, near Garst Mill Park View Details
11/30/2016 dog chihuahua mix, brindle, white legs and tip of tail, Roanoke County, near Garst Mill Park Yes View Details
11/27/2016 Cat Found 11/27/16 outside my town home in Cave Spring. Possible male, but gender is only a guess. Very large, somewhat skittish but will come when called and is affectionate. Cave Sping area-the Forest Townhomes Yes View Details
11/17/2016 Beagle mix Very friendly, came right to me. He is safe from traffic and other dogs. Woodhaven roanoke va View Details
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