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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
07/14/2018 French Bulldog Older neutered black male Frenchie, white chest and belly. Has grey highlights around his face from age. Loves kids! Roanoke View Details
07/07/2018 Border collie mix He was back with the previous owner and she contacted me.
So happy to have him back safe.
Boones mill View Details
07/06/2018 canine Young female in-heat fawn pitbull found on 311 in Catawba. Hanging Rock Animal Hospital will be holding her until this evening. Please contact HRAH at 540-562-4596 or RCACP at 344-4922 if you know who she belongs to! Route 311 in Catawba Yes View Details
07/03/2018 Siamese Approx 1 year old un-nutered male. Very friendly, sweet kitty.

Pictures already sent to you
Lock Haven Road, NW Roanoke, Next to I-81 View Details
07/02/2018 Dog A female, possibly hound/lab mix was found running in the Spring Grove area of Vinton. She is safe and is waiting for her owners. Please contact Jennifer (540) 761-5942 if you have any questions or information about her. Thank you! Spring Grove neigborhood Vinton, Va Yes View Details
06/27/2018 Dog Brown pit bull white spot on chest Morrill Ave Roanoke View Details
06/24/2018 min pin We have found Duke early this morning. Two very nice college students found him about 1.5 miles from the house he wandered from. Thank you so much for this site to find pets!!! Roanoke View Details
06/24/2018 cat long haired grey kitty. Super friendly. Badly matted with fresh looking shave spots under neck but back has clumps of matting that are golf ball sized. Has either been on her own for a while or neglected. Needs total shave and daily brushings after that. undernourished. microchip comes back to Franklin Co. Humane Society. Executive Director checking to try to identify owner. She is safe at my house until owner is located or stray hold is up. Lauderdale Drive area of Town of Vinton View Details
06/23/2018 Dog This sweet dog was found on Franklin near Upland Dr in Salem VA (neighborhood behind Bethel Baptist church). She was very hungry and weak. Seemed as if she may have been missing for a while. She is currently being held at Salem Animal shelter. Salem Yes View Details
06/23/2018 pit bull/pos dalmatian mix are you a no kill shelter Roanoke View Details
06/22/2018 Canine Terrier mix, spayed female, recently groomed, 30-35 pounds, brown with black ears and tail, mass on right side, super sweet. 1211 Trevino Dr NE Roanoke 24019 Yes View Details
06/22/2018 Cat Brindle like markings brown and black with white on chest, face, and paws. Young in age. Roanoke View Details
06/10/2018 dog Reddish/Brown Dog w/ white on chest/neck and top of paws and some on nose. Looks to be hound/pit mix, about 5-60 pounds and 22-25 in tall. North Roanoke Scarlet Oak Dr. 24019 Yes View Details
06/08/2018 dog No tags; friendly female dog; seems young; very active Maiden Lane, Roanoke View Details
06/08/2018 dog Yellow lab, very sweet; young - very active and strong Maiden Lane, Roanoke
View Details
06/06/2018 Cat Tortie adopted us by showing up on our back deck. 6-8 years old according to our vet, not chipped. Plantation grove neighborhood. Dresden circle View Details
05/30/2018 Mixed-black lab/border collie? Medium build, 40-50 pounds, short mostly black hair, white tip on tail
all 4 paws have some white, front left is half white with black spots, white on center of forehead to nose and under the lower jaw down to the chest, hazel eyes
Not microchipped, still a puppy maybe
Cambridge Ave. SW 24015 View Details
05/27/2018 Dog Hound Mix Very Large Puppy Roanoke View Details
05/23/2018 Dogs Found two dogs on Lovers Lane in Vinton/Bedford County. Both are intact males. They were running together. It's an older gold coloedr one and a young black one. I think the older one may have a bit of trouble seeing well. I believe the black one is a lab mix and the older one is a hound mix. Vinton Yes View Details
05/23/2018 Cat Black cat with a speck of white near his bottom of nose and white chest, white paws,very vocal, sweet friendly.wants to come inside and be loved on. North lakes View Details
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