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Date Species Description Location Found Image  Details 
01/17/2019 short haired striped and white cat has been hanging out in wooded area since November. Appears lost and wants to come home. We have her in now because of the snow. She is hiding in a bedroom as she is very shy. Just wonder if anybody is missing a cat found behind retreat apartments at intersection of 414 and Cove Road View Details
01/17/2019 Cat Calico,affectionate Albemarle Ave SW,Roanoke Yes View Details
01/15/2019 Canine 2 male dogs with short legs, black and white, black and white and brown. Young and playful. (Playing with my black dog in the photo). Safe in our fenced in yard. Rosecrest Rd, Cave Spring Yes View Details
01/12/2019 Husky Male- appears to be young. Friendly. Showed up at our home. Just south of Buchanan off Lithia Road. View Details
01/06/2019 cat very affectionate orange tabby. 5+ years, neutered male. No chip. He was taken to the Rockbridge SPCA and will be held. Cedar Grove, near route 251 and Birdfield Lexington VA View Details
01/05/2019 Boxer mix? This dog has been living in the woods near my house (near Lakewood Park, Brambleton Ave/Brandon Av. in Roanoke) for a couple of months now. Very skittish and skinny. Appears to be part boxer. Neutered male, white with a brown patch on his back near his docked tail. Has a collar, but no tags. I am putting food out for him to try to get him to come to me. Roanoke Yes View Details
01/05/2019 Hound mix Sweet disposition
Looks to be 8 yrs old
Black coat/white legs/slight brown around eyes
No chip/no collar
Found exit 150 Botetourt
Exit 150 Botetourt View Details
Found on the 1200 block of Melrose.
-No chip
-6 months or less
Russet brown with white markings, longer muzzle, big paws(because she's young), long ears.

Roanoke View Details
01/01/2019 dog Male poodle/poodle mix. Mostly white with brown eyes, brown nose, and a brown patch on right side of face (ear and eye). Dog wearing a red and black sweater with a bone design on back. Very quiet and seems well-behaved. Along creek off Springwood Rd, Buchanan VA View Details
01/01/2019 Siamese type cat A small, very skittish, Siamese type cat has been spotted in our woods. It runs whenever it sees anyone, but did look back at me once when I called it. It has medium length hair - not long, not short. Snowbird Cr. in Penn Forest View Details
12/30/2018 Dog- Husky Tan body with Dark Brown (Husky) facial Markings, golden eyes. 3801 Amber Way Circle in Deyerly Neighborhood-Cave Spring View Details
12/30/2018 Rat terrier rat-terrier less than 10lbs, house trained, found astound 10:30am Sunday, December 30th. City of Roanoke
Off of 9th St/woodrow near the Citgo.
View Details
12/28/2018 Beagle Max/Zoey male/female. Both are usually inseparable. Last seen Fri morning around Arcadia in Buchanan. Buchanan Yes View Details
12/20/2018 Rabbit A domesticated and friendly black rabbit. He has some grayish tan coloration around his paws and ears. He was in the middle of shedding his coat which had a lot of gray. Grandin Village Area Yes View Details
12/17/2018 cat WE HAVE FOUND A CAT. Enormous, gorgeous, cream-colored male cat. He showed up at a horse farm on Lugar Lane, Fincastle. Botetourt Veterinary says there is no microchip. The neighbors do not recognize him. I now have him in a huge crate in my living room, so he is safe. Please call if he is your family member. 992-4498. Fincastle Yes View Details
12/12/2018 Cat 135 Manassas Circle, Daleville VA 24083 View Details
12/10/2018 Feline Grey and white female domestic short hair cat. Displaying behavior consistent with being in estrus. 3330 Virginia Beach Blvd Virginia Beach, VA 23452 Kroger Grocery, found in a tractor trailer that came from Roanoke
Yes View Details
12/02/2018 Dog Friendly, well-groomed and trained black male pit mix with white and tan markings found near Walnut Ave SE and Riverland Rd SE. Found with a collar. Micro-chipped. Walnut Ave SE and Riverland Rd SE Yes View Details
11/30/2018 Cat Found in our driveway up in Woodcliff Friday late afternoon. Extremely friendly, very vocal, athletic and very well socialized. Attention seeking to a huge degree. If you're not paying attention to him/giving love and pets he's going to let you know with very loud meows. Beautiful tan/beige/cream marble pattern with gold/green eyes. Around 9 lbs probably under 4-5 years old, possibly younger. Roanoke, Crystal Spring, Woodcliff up Mill Mtn. Yes View Details
11/28/2018 Cat 2 identical striped cats Old Catawba Road Yes View Details
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