Low Cost Spay/Neuter Options

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Yes, your pet's offspring could end up at the pound.

Many people believe that their pet's puppies or kittens would never become homeless shelter animals.

But the reality is that every time the dog finds his way under the fence to visit the neighbor's female dog, or the indoor/outdoor cat comes back home pregnant again, the result is a litter of dogs or cats. Even if you are able to find homes for your litter, it is still possible for them to end up in shelters once they become "hard to handle," or for them to reproduce further and for the next generation of puppies or kittens to wind up homeless.

By spaying or neutering your pet, you are helping to stop the overpopulation of unwanted animals.  Your pet will be healthier and happier with many health risks and negative behaviors eliminated by the surgery.

Have a pet rabbit? Bunnies reproduce faster than dogs or cats. Many hormone-driven behaviors, such as lunging, mounting, spraying and boxing are non-existent in neutered males. Spaying females can prevent ovarian, mammary and uterine cancers, which can be prevalent in mature females. 


Your pet may not be broken...but he does need to be fixed. 

The Roanoke Valley SPCA has proven its commitment to stemming the tide of pet overpopulation with the opening of two low cost, high quality, spay/neuter clinics in southwest Virginia.

  • Mountain View Humane is a low cost, high volume, high quality spay/neuter clinic with facilities in Roanoke and Christiansburg, VA.  Though not a full-service clinic, vaccinations are available at time of surgery. Mountain View also offers a FREE transport service from areas outside of the Roanoke/Salem area to the clinics. 

    Financial aid is available for eligible owners.  Thanks to grants received from the ASPCA and PetSmart Charities, exceptionally low cost options are available

    The Mountain View Humane website will give you all the info you will need to know on how your pet can take the "Hip to Snip Trip."

  • Angels of Assisi, located in Roanoke, VA., offers low cost spay/neuter services for pets and feral cats.  Vaccinations and microchips are available at the time of surgery, along with free ear cleaning and nail trims. Check their website for details.

    Additional low cost services include:                Wellness visits              Vaccinations
                                                                             Dental cleanings           Microchipping
                                                                             Flea, tick, heartworm prevention
                                                                             Treatment for infections
                                                                             Treatment for heartworm disease
                                                                             Limited surgical procedures

  • Planned Pethood Clinic is operated by the Franklin County Humane Society.  The clinic offers low cost spay/neuter services as well as some wellness care for your pet.  The clinic is located in Rocky Mount, VA.  Check their website for details.


Regional Center for Animal Care & Protection

1510 Baldwin Avenue
Roanoke, VA 24012
Phone: (540) 344-4922

Hours of Operation:

Mon - Sat 9 AM - 5:30 PM

Adoption Hours:

Mon - Sat 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM


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